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Why Are So Many Cartoon Characters Yellow?

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Well where is the color yellow in some of the great ones I watched as a kid…Popeye or Road Runner for example?  What was the strategy for the colors used with them?

It was just good stuff back in the day with head-bashing, boulders landing on the bad guys, dynamite exploding in hands, and on, and on, and on…no special color needed to get my attention!  🙂


Whether you’re watching The Simpsons, Pokemon, or Adventure Time, there’s one color that stands out. Yellow has been a favorite choice of animators since cartoons were first colorized, and they aren’t just choosing the shade because it looks pretty. A combination of art theory and psychology helps explain yellow’s rise to prominence.

As Sploid reports, and ChannelFrederator lays out, a cartoon character’s color scheme is usually chosen to complement their background. In SpongeBob SquarePants, for example, the most common setting is the expansive blue backdrop of the ocean. According to the RGB color scale used in television screens, blue is in direct contrast to yellow, so bright yellow was the most visually appealing choice for the show’s title character. This bit of color theory also applies to shows set on land, where a lot of the action takes place against the blue sky.

Color complements are just one part of the yellow character trend; the color yellow holds a lot of significant connotations, too. It’s often associated with feelings of happiness, playfulness, and warmth—a.k.a. traits we see in many of our cartoon protagonists.

Using yellow is also an effective way to grab someone’s attention. That’s the reason why The Simpsons’s creators chose yellow instead of a more natural skin tone for their characters—they figured the shade would be instantly recognizable to viewers flipping through channels. Yellow’s eye-grabbing qualities also explain its prevalence in restaurant advertisements.

You can learn the full story behind this colorful phenomenon in the video below.


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  1. Old Jim May 3, 2017 at 8:41 AM -  Reply

    Kids cartoon in our day…
    … had no exploding heads / green farts / blue farts / sparkly farts …
    .. they had not farts at all…
    … you could also tell the little girls from the little boys…
    … and no one sought a safe place from bullying…
    … as we had no “colour” then of toxic masculinearity white privilege!

    Instead of wondering where Jerry Springer finds so many laydown drugheads…
    … we laff our arses off at the Turkish soaps on Netflix…
    … “Filinta Mustafa” is as funny as it gets… especially realizing the view Turkish folks have of the USA and other ‘infidel’ nations – from cowboy days to James Bond to Columbo & CSI!!

  2. Angus Rangus May 3, 2017 at 8:42 AM -  Reply

    AND we only watched them on Saturday mornings…
    … with little competition between our 3 channels to vex us!

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