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Who needs Trump Bashing every day at High Noon?

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Once the ladies at Fox News managed to take out Roger Ailes, “Mr. Conservative Newsman”, and Rupert Murdoch inserted his sons and himself into more of the decision-making at the news station, it has never been the same…since!

Unfortunately, the author of this story, Judah Friedman, is correct.  But it just doesn’t stop with the liberal, noon-hour slant.  You can see plenty of Trump bashing on many shows, not to mention a severe lack of conservative, reporter challenges on liberal guest accusations.  When it begins, if I am watching it, I do turn the channel, looking for something to watch where PC was/is non-existent…like The Andy Griffith Show!

Fox is blowing it!


You don’t go into a deli and order shrimp, into a Scientology Center to find God, watch Cinemax at 10 pm with your children, and you don’t turn on Fox News to hear Trump bashing. Critique certainly, but bashing no. Fox, you have a noon Pacific Time Zone problem, and your anchor is forcing your “flock” at best to hit mute, till the great Cavuto appears, and at worst to shut you off.

It’s a precarious situation you find yourselves in. With Sean Spicer’s press briefings being “must see TV,” your viewers are being herded into the “The I Hate Donald Trump Hour.” This was an annoyance to many in the past. How many were actually tuning in to the noon “token liberal” hour? Now, with many more tuning in, though, and paying keen attention, do you really want to run the risk of thousands completely changing the channel? If people wanted the liberal hour, they wouldn’t be watching Fox News.

This is your news block. That’s news, not opinion. You are a conservative/Republican network. What is so bad about that? Yes, we know you are “fair and balanced.” In most ways you are. You allow both sides to be heard. However, your noon hour is just not being heard, it’s actually allowing your herd to escape. The venom and animus your anchor shows for the President is only acceptable at the other two small cable networks.

For the most part, television networks have a rhyme and a reason and a synergy to their programs. We turn to USA for characters, TNT, apparently, for drama, and TBS because, it’s supposedly very funny. Are you hoping to gain liberal viewers or lose conservative ones? Because, only one of those is actually happening. We get it. You are trying to broaden your base, and become more open to the perceived viewership your anchor is trying to attract. Is it working? What exactly is wrong with being the number one television news source for Republicans and conservatives? Who cares who’s hitting on you as long as you are being hit on. Stop being the annoying hot girl.

Out of true dumb luck, you recently avoided catastrophe, by the departure of a “megaliberal” saving you millions and a ratings downfall, followed by her replacement almost doubling her numbers. And if my ultra-private online groups, with an average age of 35, comprised of as many women as men, are indeed a demo indicator, then Tucker Carlson has become your “Golden God.” Don’t be the person who, when you shake his hand, is always looking over your shoulder for the better hand to shake. Stand up and shake your viewers’ hands, and have some freaking gratitude. Trust me, your viewers are ‘hot’ enough.

Give them what they want, not what you want. You are reporting, and your viewers are, and will be, deciding. Options are freeing, and while you used to be the only woman on a desert island, many more have appeared since to quench our needs. We go to barbers for haircuts, temples to pray, and Fox News to feel safe. Yes, it’s our safe spot. Now, for the love of Tucker, stop looking over our shoulder. “Sheep are hard to herd, and loyal viewers hard to find,” and if you don’t believe that, it wasn’t that long ago that another “shepherd” was “the most trusted name in news.”


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  1. Old Jim March 29, 2017 at 9:23 AM -  Reply

    YET… I was taken to task by most Trump supporters…
    … for suggesting the same Roger Ailes ordered each and every FoxNews host to go all in for The DON in Feb. 2016!!

    I still recall Bill O’Reilly – caught pants down with “ends justifies the means”…
    … having Ted Cruz on for 15 minutes.

    After 14 minutes of asking about The DON and his lies against Ted…
    … he then gave the Senator 30 seconds to “tell us what you are all abaout”!

    FoxNews is certainly in a league above the others…
    … but its ‘broadcast talent’ are not journalists…
    … but rather members of that rabid progressive liberal loon DC To Boston Media…
    … who never met a GOVT they didn’t like!!

    How many times have your paid $$millions to rid yourself of sexual perversion charges… that happen to violate Federal Law… just to get on with bigger and better thangs??

    I’m guessing ZERO / NADA / ZILCH??

  2. Angus Rangus March 29, 2017 at 9:27 AM -  Reply

    More pressing for us locally…

    … we seem to have lost broadcast of WHDT… independent Channel 9 …

    … that used to host GUN-TV and The Auto Channel -TAC.

    THEY actually allowed JD Hayworth, et al to bring a true Interior/Flyover Conservative
    slant to shuttering most of the DC Money Laundry.

    Thought it was my cheapass Chinise crap antenna at first…
    … but 40 other channels are doing fine.

    We do get tippets of FoxNews on Roku for free…
    … since we already know that news a day or two earlier… we don’t bother watching them give the NY/DC ‘slant’ to it!!

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