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UN warned Trump that ObamaCare repeal could violate international law

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And then there is this hilarious overreach on the part of the United Nations…trying to sway public opinion and establish itself as the international leader of the new “World Order” under the liberal policy of globalization!  Yep…just forget your national identity!  No Obamacare?  No soup for you!

Has anybody seen anything in our Constitution about “the right to social security of the people” as expressed by the UN representative in the story?  So let’s ask him where all that great healthcare is in the Middle East, in Africa, in many parts of Asia!  Does the UN even understand that providing healthcare is not, I repeat, not a mandate of the United States federal government?  If U.S. citizens finally woke up and passed healthcare back to the states, what would the UN then do, charge all states with international crimes if they didn’t cough up enough money for healthcare in their states?

Okay…enough!  Either the UN comes back to reality and reforms itself, starting from scratch on everything, or we help it “fade away”…


The United Nations warned the Trump administration earlier this year that repealing ObamaCare without providing an adequate replacement would be a violation of multiple international laws, according to a new report. 

Though the Trump administration is likely to ignore the U.N. warning, The Washington Post reported the Office of the U.N. High Commission on Human Rights in Geneva sent an “urgent appeal” on Feb 2. 

The Post reported that the confidential, five-page memo cautioned that the repeal of the Affordable Care Act would put the U.S. “at odds with its international obligations.”

The warning was sent to the State Department and reportedly said the U.N. expressed “serious concern” about the prospective loss of health coverage for 30 million people, that in turn could violate “the right to social security of the people in the United States.”

Congressional Republicans failed in March to pass an ObamaCare replacement bill. A new proposal is emerging on Capitol Hill, but it’s unclear when it might be considered and how sweeping it may be. 

A spokesman for the U.N.’s human rights office in Geneva confirmed the authenticity of the letter, which was sent by Dainius Puras, a Lithuanian doctor who serves the U.N. as “Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.”

Xabier Celaya, a spokesman for the U.N., said Puras cannot comment on his ObamaCare letter until it becomes public in June.

Though the report calls out the Trump administration, there’s very little the U.N. can actually do. 

According to the report, the letter sent to the Trump administration also was supposed to be shared with the majority and minority leaders in both houses of Congress — but that did not happen. 

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer’s office said they never received the letter, as did officials in House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office. The letter from Puras did make its way to the Department of Health and Human Services, where an unnamed employee supposedly leaked it.


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  1. Angus Rangus April 27, 2017 at 7:53 AM -  Reply

    One World Peace Open Borders All Komrades….

  2. Old Jim April 27, 2017 at 7:59 AM -  Reply


    Kaleefornya… which has the perfect right as a sovereign state …

    … has passed there Single Payor HealthCare out of first Committee…

    … without any attempt to analyze the source of funding or sustainability!!

    IDEOLOGY first… prudent fiduciaries… NEVER!!


    Because just like all the other Commie ideas for the past 150 years…

    … it don’t go over like even a turd in a punch bowl…

    … IF the voters understand the first thang about how it might cost them to give up control to a central GOVT!

    In Kaleefornya’s case… just like BARAMAcare… No one got a chance to read what wasn’t even in the bill BEFORE they voted FOR it??

    BARAMAcare at 12.3 million Laydowns x $10,000 per Laydown == $123 BILLION…
    … or about the same as Kal’s unbalanceable budget the past decade each year??

    KALcare at 40 million Komrades x $10,000 per Laydown == $400 BILLION…
    … hey great grandPALS… won’t ya’ give me a dime??

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