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U.S. will lose jobs if it quits Paris climate deal: U.N.

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Sounds like something that ex-President Obama, John Kerry, or Hillary Clinton might tell us, huh folks?  And why not?  Look who it is…Why it’s their buddy Erik Solheim, who is a Norwegian politician for the Socialist Left Party (SV) and currently Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Socialist Left Party?  United Nations Environment Programme?  Personally, I have never heard of this globalist politico from Norway.  He certainly does use some of the same political tactics as his friends here in the United States though…Throw out unverified statements and see if anything will stick to wall in order to get support for something, in this case using fear of jobs loss to keep the money coming in for the Paris Climate Accord.

Solar and wind power?  Hey go for it Solheim!  I’m more interested in natural gas, oil, coal, and nuclear power, with a just a smattering of the costly solar energy where nothing else will work!  You know, a more balanced approach to national security.

And????  The ‘climate change scare’ floated out there by the left still has not demonstrated honest, hard facts and data to demonstrate not only that it could be a real threat, but what, if anything, has been accomplished with all of the money and effort to make changes so far.  Not too much!

Break from the Paris Accord Don…and yeah, cut our funding to the U.N.!  It has done nothing for the West and our interests for quite some time!


The United States will shoot itself in the foot if it quits the Paris climate accord because China, India and Europe will snap up the best power sector jobs in future, U.N. Environment Chief Erik Solheim said on Thursday.

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to announce as early as next week whether he will take the United States out of the climate pact, having vowed during his campaign to “cancel the Paris Climate Agreement” within 100 days of becoming president.

“Obviously if you are not a party to the Paris agreement, you will lose out. And the main losers of course will be the people of the United States itself because all the interesting, fascinating new green jobs would go to China and to the other parts of the world that are investing heavily in this.”

The world has now passed its “peak oil” stage, the Norwegian-born Solheim said, and was rapidly moving into the age of solar and wind.

The Paris accord, agreed by nearly 200 countries in 2015, seeks to limit planetary warming by cutting emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases from burning fossil fuels.

“Wind engineer is now probably the most promising job opportunity in the United States,” Solheim said, adding that China and India were bringing the price of solar down so fast that coal was no longer competitive.


Solheim’s new target is pollution, with plastic in the oceans expected to equal the weight of fish by 2050. But with science, mobilised citizens, regulated markets, and the enormous power of business, such huge problems could be solved, he said.

The green revolution is being led by iconic firms such as Google, Walmart, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook, so the momentum does not depend on Washington, Solheim said.

“Even if the worst were to happen and the United States were to withdraw, the consequences would be much less than people think,” he said.

Political leadership would shift to the European Union, China and India, and the U.N. is already talking to them about meeting the funding gap if the United States steps back – not only from the climate deal but U.N. funding in general.

“We definitely want to ask the Senate and the U.S. Congress to keep as much of the U.S. contribution as possible to the U.N. and to the climate work. If they drastically reduce we would for sure ask others to step up and provide more money,” he said.

However the U.N. also needed to be more efficient.

“It’s not all that bad that there is some scrutiny. We are happy to work with the Trump administration on how to make the United Nations more efficient,” Solheim said.

“And if they cut down, which we encourage them not to do, we will also rationalize.”


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  1. Angus Rangus May 5, 2017 at 9:20 AM -  Reply

    Dang… I really wanted to ILLUSTRATE how many of today’s Commie Front orgs…
    … use the same logos / bumper snickers / fist salutes / hammer-sickle flags…
    … of the national socialist party of Germany – some call it NAZI – and Stalin’s Commie Party of Russia…

    … a gnat hasn’t any more spacing between his gonads!!

  2. Old Jim May 5, 2017 at 9:24 AM -  Reply

    IF all this ‘stuff’ is so-o-o-o OBVIOUS…

    … how come no one sailed off the edge of that Flat Earth??

    … required LYING about most every element propagandized the past 50 years??

    … Al Gore has to use a Tropical Storm Sandy to get NYC’s decaying subway wet with that ‘sea water’??

    … we got the latest estimate of Polar Bears at 25,000.. we had just 6,000 when this shat started??

    … Florida’s truly badass ‘drought’ ended within 4 months of starting… ‘they’ warn of flashflooding today’s rains will bring worker commutes??

  3. Old Jim May 5, 2017 at 9:26 AM -  Reply


    Consider WHO is actually paying those salaries / expenses for all the Commies to enjoy all the evil shat they decry as western decay in NYC, et al?

    Would North Korea … be a threat to ANY… without UN Humanitarian Commie Aid??

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