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Top Bishop: Europe Will Soon Be Muslim Because of Our Stupidity

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Well I bet many people out there are now calling this archbishop xenophobic…what else!  But it sure does seem to a hit a note back here in the good old “U-S-of-A”, huh folks!  “What kind of note”, you might ask?  How about immigration!  How about the President’s unending use of the Refugee Program!  How about globalization!  And finally, how about open borders!

We here in America are seeing much of the same issues creeping into our society with the massive influx of immigrants, some legal and some not so legal, that cannot or seem unwilling, to effectively integrate into our society and way of life, instead, choosing a different path…a path that attempts to force us to accept and somehow integrate their beliefs and ways of life into our society.

Granted, there are some who see America as “their salvation” and strive to integrate and make a good life for themselves and their families, but how many times have we seen just the opposite, similar to what Monsignor Liberati describes?  A lot!  We need to open our eyes, put the brakes on what the federal government is doing, and figure out what needs to be done…properly and legally!  We cannot afford to continue as we have for the last eight years, opening our borders willy-nilly, without considering what the goal is, what the costs are, and what the consequences are to our national identity…period!

The European Community is, or at least should be, our guide on what not to do folks!  It is in big trouble, there across the pond, and unfortunately, as the Monsignor clearly states, will probably never recover.  Let’s take his advice and not be stupid as we move forward.


Everyone in Italy and the rest of Europe will “soon be Muslim” because of the country’s “stupidity”, a prominent Italian archbishop has said.

Monsignor Carlo Liberati, Archbishop Emeritus of Pompeii, said that Islam will soon become Europe’s main religion thanks to the huge number of Muslim migrants alongside the increasing secularism of native Europeans.

Speaking to Italian Catholic journal La Fede Quotidiana, the archbishop said: “In 10 years we will all be Muslims because of our stupidity. Italy and Europe live in a pagan and atheist way, they make laws that go against God and they have traditions that are proper of paganism.

“All of this moral and religious decadence favours Islam.”

“We have a weak Christian faith,” he added. “The Church nowadays does not work well and seminaries are empty.

“Parishes are the only thing still standing. We need a true Christian life. All this paves the way to Islam. In addition to this, they have children and we do not. We are in full decline.”

The archbishop added that the problem is not just Muslim immigration. The number of Eastern Europeans arriving over the past few years has also hit the quality of life for native Italians, he said.

“We help without delay those coming from outside and we forget many poor and old Italians who are eating from the trash,” the archbishop said. “We need policies that take care of Italians first: our young people and the unemployed.

“I am a protester. If I were not a priest, I’d be out there demonstrating in the squares. What is the point of so many migrants that instead of thanking for the food we give them, they just throw it, spend hours with their cell phones and even organise riots?”

He even criticised the Catholic Church for giving money to migrants.

“Giving money to migrants wandering around town is not only wrong, but morally harmful because we encourage their behaviour and they get used to that, not mentioning the fact that we already feed them.

“I think sometimes this creates a beggars’ network. I remember that my father went to work very hard as a migrant in Australia so I could go to seminary. So he has experienced in his own skin the discomfort of poverty and the noble virtue of gratitude.”


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  1. Angus Rangus January 15, 2017 at 8:52 AM -  Reply

    SHARIA supports JIHAD… which makes this Faux Religion incompatible with any other group of Humans on our planet… proven 100% of the time over the past 1,300 years!!

    Each and every one of the 55+ “Muslim Majority” nations have incorporated SHARIA / JIHAD into their governing documents…

    … including Jordan and Morocco readily used as “pro-Western Modernity”…

    … each a Constitutional Monarchy solidly putting SHARIA as their Governing model!!

    Pro-Western = Jordan has no water, fuel or natural resources… one third of its central government budget is funded by the same Western Powers that ‘partitioned’ it after WW2 as a buffer zone between Israel and 300 million JIHADISTS refusing to accept that nation’s existence!!

    In Europe, the lust for ‘workers’ is the sole reason for accepting Muslim ‘refugees’… with Family Values disintegrated those nations can’t maintain their aging populations with new family members!!

    At 3% you see ‘No GO’ ghettos… SHARIA LAW is rampantly ugly.

    At 6%, an unarmed population is no longer able to be protected by local, provincial or national security forces due to “One EU Open Borders All Komrades”.

    Each Islamofascist JIHAD Terrorist attack is followed with admission existing biometric tacking defines and illuminates the ‘refugee immigrant’ admission history!!

  2. Old Jim January 15, 2017 at 8:56 AM -  Reply

    The Muslim Solution is simple:

    The US should show leadership by eliminating VISA/Non-VISA entrance from any “Muslim Majority Nation”…
    … pending…
    … the single tent meeting in Mecca of all 400 Muslim Sects …
    … to denounce SHARIA and JIHAD as tenets of their ‘reglion of peace’!

    The world can then wait 3 generations… to be assured no further Islamofascist JIHAD Terrorism is evidenced anywhere on the planet!!

    TRUST BUT VERIFY to the Ludicrous Maximous!

  3. Uniwersity of Barsoom at Helium Grad January 15, 2017 at 9:03 AM -  Reply


    Yep, indeed we use our biometric VISA/Non-VISA tracking to advise each “Muslim Majority” nation our own national security demands they call home every one of their nationals!

    We stop providing ‘higher education’ on our dole … shut down their ‘refugee’ Cradle To Grave Generational Poverty Welfare Entitlementor Reality… stop training future JIHAD on the weaknesses inherent in an Open Society!

    Nation of Islam / Black Panthers / GNU Black Panthers / Black Nationalists posing as Christians / etc. should be properly characterized by including with Muslim Brotherhood as the Islamofascist JIHAD Terrorist groups they are/fund/protect!

    NO… it ain’t like Hitler… we actually allow them to return to their Stoneage lands to consider their Stoneage perverted religion can not be allowed to damage any more of our planet!

  4. Angus Rangus January 15, 2017 at 9:12 AM -  Reply

    For those peddling that ‘”can’t condemn a religion for the sins of a few… ”

    …open your minds to the last Pew polling of “American Muslims”…

    * 51% believe SHARIA is superior to the US Constitution.

    ** 25% openly support JIHAD as a proper religious tenet.

    Note the communities overwhelmed with BARAMA Somalian / Yemen / Syrian / etc. ‘refugees’ are now voting locally to insert SHARIA into their “community”.

    A few?? 1.5 Billion Muslims times the lowest surveyed SHARIA/JIHAD groups of America… sounds kinda like:

    1. Over 300 million JIHAD supporters … “yiddle, yiddle, yiddle – death to INFIDELS – yiddle, yiddle, yiddle”??

    2. Over 750 million SHARIA adherents… slicing and dicing their family members as they ‘see fit’??

    THEY been killing Christians, Jews, Other Muslim Sects, etc. for 1300 years…

    … WE can wait 30 years to see IF their single tent meeting in Mecca can change their minds about doing so??

  5. Old Jim January 15, 2017 at 9:25 AM -  Reply

    Our summer vacation included Calgary…

    1. Our deliteful Bread & Breakfast was in a neighborhood of many blocks… taken over by various Middle East/Asian ‘refugees’. Owners said their business is suffering, some refuse to unpack their bags finding out they are no longer in Canada, but an ‘immigrant refugee camp’ of obvious Muslim garb.

    2. Taking the last train from the Stampede … we stopped at a Wendy’s , amazingly very occupied at 10:30 pm. We were the only 4 Caucasians in the place… we might have guessed Mumbai / Jakarta / etc.

    Calgary remains a Cowboy Town… more so than Laramie or Cheyenne… boots and hats, boots and hats – nice manners – family nice!!

    BUT… the cultural shock is wearing thin… as America is starting to find out in those BARAMA chose to flood with his ‘friends’ who voted 97% for BILLARY in their last rigged primary!

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