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Thousands march in Mexico to demand respect, reject Trump

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Further confirmation that what President Trump is doing for the United States is great!

Let’s bring all of our American companies back from Mexico!  If Mexico wants to create jobs, they should build their own industries!

It also appears that liberals in Mexico are no different than liberals in America…Racism?  Their big fear of course, is that all illegal aliens in our country would be forced to return back to Mexico, hitting them in their pocketbook in two ways.

At the national level, the government would have to pony up bucks for the free stuff for those returning Mexican citizens…welfare, health care, housing, food, and who knows, maybe a free cell phone or two.

At the individual level, many in Mexico would not receive the money flowing across the border from their illegal alien, family member who is working in our country and not paying “his/her fair share” in taxes.

So keep up the good work Don!  Get that wall built and get our immigration laws and Refugee Program straightened out and enforced…in spite of the judicial overreach!


MEXICO CITY – About 20,000 people staged a march through Mexico’s capital Sunday demanding respect for their country and its migrants in the face of perceived hostility from the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Many marchers carried Mexican flags and dressed in white as a sign of unity and to signal the non-political nature of the march. One of the banners read: “Gracias, Trump, for unifying Mexico!”

The marchers protested Trump’s plans for a border wall and increased deportations of migrants. Trump has also pressured U.S. corporations to provide jobs in the United States, not Mexico.

Paulina Arteaga carried a placard in English proclaiming: “We love Americans, we hate racism.”

“This is a march for dignity,” she said.

Irene Aguilar, a university professor, said the main message of the marchers was to show the unity of Mexicans in the face of adversity.

The march also featured many signs supporting Mexican migrants living in the United States.

“We want demonstrate to all of those who suffer discrimination in the United States that we are with them,” said Ana Fernanda Islas, a university student.

Mexicans have called for unity in facing the challenge posed by Trump’s policies, but the march featured almost as many banners criticizing Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto as the new U.S. leader.

Smaller marches were held in other Mexican cities Sunday.


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  1. Angus Rangus February 13, 2017 at 8:02 AM -  Reply

    So-o-o-o… “they” expect most Americans to hear their plea…

    … for Anarchy within America for the 30 million Illegal Aliens violating our criminal laws daily – and their own nation’s criminal laws – by criminally violating our sovereignty??

    ICE has but one overriding duty…
    … to deport every Illegal Alien they seek to encounter daily!!

    All the rest is nothing but the DNC violating wantonly the actual Federal Immigration laws passed in 1996 by a GOP Congress… and HLS 2002… and REAL ID 2005… and Border Fencing 2006…
    … which all strengthened to refocus on eliminating this scourge of criminality from America!!

    We should be seeing hundreds of thousands pouring back into Mexico EVERY DAY!!

    Frankly, we have not seen the resources applied to do so this first month??

    Our ICE deportation jails are full to capacity… our jails across the nation are overcrowded with ILLEGAL ALIENS our Sheriffs are asking for guidance in handing over to ICE…
    … WHY can’t ICE simply pick up within 3 hours of getting ANY CALLS of ILLEGAL ALIENS being detained from ANY LEO across our nation??

    Isn’t it just more “lawyering” to play a silly semantics game of how you hold them 48 hours… when your ID confirmation told you they had no REAL ID in the first 30 minutes??

  2. Old Jim February 13, 2017 at 8:09 AM -  Reply


    And every day we “HEAR” from the DNC and their Commie partners across the globe how evil America is for considering it has SOVEREIGN rights to protect its borders and citizens within those borders…

    … we edge ever closer from supporting our LEO with eliminating this criminal scourge…
    … to Patriots directly acting as the Constitution provides as their ‘right’!!

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