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The Poverty of Food Stamps

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Proof positive of just how bad it got when Ex-President Obama dropped the work requirements from the Food Stamp regulations!  Just look at the numbers from Alabama and Maine.  One can pretty much assume that of the 13,663 Alabamans previously on Food Stamps, 6,180 individuals were plain and simple “takers”.  It Maine, the difference was much larger…out of 13,332 recipients, 10,654 were “takers”.

Wouldn’t you like to get a little more data on these takers?  Maybe stuff like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Length of time on Food Stamps
  • Number of Obama cell phones
  • Other freebie programs they are enrolled in

Bottom Line – So here we are with numbers in hand and President Trump gets it going into the budget!  Question?  Will Republicans and Democrats in Congress let the Food Stamp farce continue, or will they honestly do something for the taxpayers in this country…for a change?


One good thing about President Donald Trump is his businessman’s approach to government. He understands that, like a business, a nation cannot survive endless deficit spending with its ever-growing national debt.

To the horror of those on the left, he proposes significant, but not massive, cuts to government spending. And while the cuts are not excessive, the idea still cranked up the wild imaginations and scaremongering mechanisms of congressional Democrats and other leftists who think money grows on trees and that the national debt is a number that really isn’t important.

Trump understands what so many leftists do not: Much of government spending is wasted, fraudulent and abused, and therefore unnecessary and foolish. Actually, it’s not that leftists don’t understand this, it’s that they couldn’t care less, because they benefit at the ballot box from lax programs that waste your money, and therefore eschew fiscal responsibility, in favor of positive elections results.

Human nature plays a role here: People tend to take advantage of what is available to them free of charge. As evidence, consider the recent results from Alabama.

The Daily Signal reported that when “The Heart of Dixie” this year began requiring food stamp recipients to work, look for work, or get approved job training to get food stamps, 13 counties saw participants drop by 85% over a four-month period from 5,538 able-bodied adults without dependents to 831 such recipients.

“Statewide, a total of 13,663 able-bodied adults without children or other dependents were enrolled in the food stamp program before the change [was] implemented Jan. 1, according to the Alabama Department of Human Resources,” the news site reported. “As of May 1, that statewide number had dropped to 7,483, the agency said.”

Clearly, Alabama was going well beyond the goal of helping those who really need it. Alabamans were availing themselves of Uncle Sugar Daddy Sam’s federal assistance in a welfare program that was not operated in a sensible manner.

Other states have had this same experience. In 2013 and 2014, Kansas and Maine implemented work requirements and reduced the number of able-bodied adults on food stamps. Last year Georgia followed suit.

When Maine imposed work requirements on food stamp recipients in December 2014, officials reported that the number of able-bodied adults without dependents declined from 13,332 to just 2,678 over a three-month period. Maine officials concluded that many food stamp recipients would do without the benefit rather than perform a minimum of six hours per week of community service, or other aspects of the work requirements.

These results prompted Robert Rector, a senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation who specializes in poverty and welfare programs, to project, “If the federal government establishes and enforces similar work requirements nationwide, total food stamp enrollment would plummet in a few years, possibly saving taxpayers $10 billion per year or as much as $100 billion over the next decade.”

Not all of that money is federal money, of course, but about 90% of it is. And keeping the federal portion of those dollars in the nation’s treasury certainly is a positive thing. It’s even better when you understand that those truly needing help are not part of the reductions, and that other federal programs also suffer these same problems.

It’s widely acknowledged that Americans are the most compassionate and charitable people in the world, and they certainly have no objection to helping their fellow citizens in need. Even so, they do not want their hard-earned tax dollars wasted on people who can earn their own way. Sound business practices prohibit such sloppiness.

Of course, with all of these people no longer receiving food stamps, having available jobs for them is important. That feeds right into Trump’s goal of bringing back jobs and creating an environment for new job production to flourish.

Trump managed to get pledges from several companies that said they would invest in America, bringing back or creating new jobs. And good things are also happening because of his effort to remove job-killing regulations — a dramatic shift in direction from the dangerous, job-killing policies of the Obama administration. For example, coal industry and related jobs are coming back following the removal of the foolish regulations that helped kill them. No one expects that coal will reach its former economic heights, but a lot of people put out of work by merciless regulations will be productive again.

Regressives think they know best and will try to control every aspect of our lives to achieve their vision. But that isn’t what America is all about. Thank goodness that Trump understands that.


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  1. Angus Rangus June 14, 2017 at 6:36 AM -  Reply

    “”…. many food stamp recipients would do without the benefit rather than perform a minimum of six hours per week of community service, or other aspects of the work requirements. “”

    So-o-o-o-o… WHEN Wild Bill’s legacy “wellfair too werk” … was actually the watered down version AFTER he vetoed compromised packages THREE TIMES…
    … we got a fairytale land of wanting folks to consider putting in 6 hours a week IF they want to eat??

    CLEARLY, our Founders were totally correct CHARITY is not something any Federal GOVT should ever usurp from the ‘states’…
    … not until FDR’s infamous illegal ‘voluntary’ Social Security…
    … and LBJ’s equally illegal Medicare – both put on the future backs of not yet born unemployed non-workers as “FULL FAITH AND CREDIT OF THE USA”???

  2. Old Jim June 14, 2017 at 6:44 AM -  Reply

    I did not get a ‘staffer response’ to my suggestion to GOV Rick Scott…
    … mandating Florida’s over one million unemployed {not counting millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS, etc…}…
    … put in 4 7-hour work days in public service…
    … every school has twice as many ’employees’ doing non-classroom stuff as classroom teachers!! Use these kinda stationary unemployed drawing their GOVT benefits anyway… they haven’t used that one day a week to get real jobs advertised in most every local establishment – nor the tomatoes remaining unpicked at $15 an hour??
    … FREE FOOD ALL DAMN DAY cafeteria workers / janitors / groundskeepers / reading coaches / playground attendants / maintenance – WHY doesn’t sanity and self-esteem collide to use these workers on the GOVT dole??

    Cities / counties / state – WHY are we paying ‘career pubic savants’ YUGE salaries and benefits — for very minimal job skills those on the public dole can handle also… parks & rec / janitorial / vehicle fleet care / safety patrols / etc.

    DAMN… we got more thangs crumbling in most East & Left Coast ‘states’ … than we got public dolers??

  3. uniwersity of barsoom at helium inflation novice June 14, 2017 at 6:48 AM -  Reply

    HEY… did any on the DNC … ever believe that small scale limited use special purpose ‘food stamps’ – think Appalachia and Detroit Metro Ghetto – would ever exceed their original NTE $75 million??

    IF we find that obvious intelligent life forms on distinct planets…

    … did they waste $140 TRILLION … discovering over 4 generations…
    … there truly is no such thang as a FREE LUNCH?

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