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The Latest: Le Pen vows to pull France out of EU, NATO

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Oh you are going to love this one folks!

So here we are with France and The Don providing the far-right French presidential candidate, Marine le Pen, a little support with some tweets and responses to reporters’ questions…more so in regards to Brexit and her immigration position than anything else.  As we all know, France is not really France any more.  Walk the streets and most of the time you feel as if you are in Baghdad, or some other basket-case city in the Middle East.

Following The Don’s mild support of le Pen, everything I had heard about her…I liked.  Then this little gem popped up.  Check it out:  “Le Pen says she also wants France to leave NATO’s integrated command and to build up the country’s capabilities to provide for its own defense.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it…and so French!  My reaction because of it?  We must be getting pretty close to war with somebody because the French are war losers and if le Pen pulls this one off and leaves NATO, they will probably wind up fighting somebody, get their butts kicked, cry for help, and once liberated, kick those who came to their aid out the door!

So now I’m feeling like this…I hope she wins, leaves NATO, inevitably gets embroiled in something and loses, and then America behind The Don…exits NATO as soon as France asks for military assistance.

Wouldn’t that be justice?


LYON, France (AP) — The Latest on France’s far right conference Sunday in the southeast city of Lyon. (all times local):

4:35 p.m.

French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is reiterating her commitment to pull France out of the European Union and to restore the franc as the country’s official currency.

Le Pen used her closed speech at the conference to highlight some of her key campaign promises from the 144 commitments she announced a day earlier.

Le Pen says she also wants France to leave NATO’s integrated command and to build up the country’s capabilities to provide for its own defense.


4:20 p.m.

Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is vowing to eradicate terrorism inside France and to have “zero tolerance” for delinquents, if she is elected.

Le Pen said in a speech closing a two-day conference of her National Front party that she would boost intelligence capacities and arrange for non-citizens convicted of crimes in France to serve prison sentences in their homelands.

Le Pen says those with dual-citizenship in France and other countries would be stripped of their French nationality and expelled — continuing a controversial practice put in place by Socialist President Francois Hollande.

Le Pen used the speech to reiterate parts of her 144-point campaign platform.


3:40 p.m.

Far-right leader and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen says France is threatened by two “totalitarianisms” in the form of economic globalization and Islamic fundamentalism.

Le Pen said during a speech at her National Front party’s conference Sunday in Lyon that those threats are “planting itself in some neighborhoods … and vulnerable minds.”

Le Pen listed the veils some Muslim women wear, mosques and prayer in the streets of France as unacceptable cultural dangers “no French person…attached to his dignity can accept.”

Le Pen’s speech closes the two-day conference in Lyon.


12:30 p.m.

A far-right French political figure says Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and the election of U.S. President Donald Trump have given the French a “reason to vote” because it can result in real change.

National Front official Florian Philippot spoke ahead of French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s speech at a National Front party conference Sunday in Lyon.

Le Pen will be speaking about her 144 presidential promises unveiled a day earlier, a nationalist agenda aimed at throwing off the European Union, NATO and the status quo. In her platform, Le Pen envisioned a thriving nation “made in France,” with its citizens first in line for state services and the state unshackled by the rules-laden European Union.

Among her promises: No more membership in NATO’s integrated command. No more euro currency, European Union or open borders. Immigration, especially by Muslims, would be contained. And no more second chances for foreigners under surveillance as suspected potential terrorists — those thousands would be expelled.


12:15 p.m.

Unlike U.S. President Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front isn’t a new quantity in French politics — she has headed the anti-immigrant party since 2011 and came in third in the presidential vote in 2012.

Early polls consistently show Le Pen among France’s two top presidential candidates, but suggest she’ll lose by a wide margin in the May 7 runoff.

The candidate just two weeks ago considered the most likely to beat Le Pen and win, former conservative Prime Minister Francois Fillon, has seen his support plummet as French prosecutors investigate possibly fictitious parliamentary aide jobs once held by his wife and two children.

Former budget minister Emmanuel Macron, who rebelled against the Socialist Party to strike out on his own, could end up facing Le Pen in the second-round vote.

Also running for the French presidency are leftists Jean-Luc Melenchon and Benoit Hamon.


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  1. Old Jim April 23, 2017 at 7:29 AM -  Reply

    Very few REAL Conservative / Libertarian / Originalist / TEA Party / Mainstream Moderate / Center Right / etc. candidates EVER win an election.

    Get your free email subscription to Patriot Post along with our morning Brown Dispatch / Drudge / Blaze / Breitbart to see WHY.

    Like GOV Rick Scott in Florida… winning his first term without a single endorsement from our 22 ‘daily papers’…
    … and silently being the most Conservative Governor Florida has ever experienced!

    Trudging against the daily bombardment from the DC To Boston Commie Media… and raising money Online in small batches from the silent majority … who will not take to the street even against the daily onslaught of violent Che Guevara Blood In The Streets Commie Revolution – yep, just like at Berkley / Chicago / DC / NYC / et al!

    Our main problem… we need to S – L – O – W our growth of “people” …
    … the planet will not face the overpopulation of 6 million humans…
    … unless we allow those stoneage nations to solve their own procreation without culturization problems!!

    Sorry, Africa / Asia / Middle East cannot govern a society of productive people taking care of themselves… our own nations demise is attempting to feed North Koreans starving because their ‘supreme leader’ wants a Nukular War!

  2. Angus Rangus April 23, 2017 at 7:39 AM -  Reply

    Drudge had a neat article today from a British study…
    … revealing how STUPID we are becoming…
    … indeed it isn’t just my pet peeve ‘they’ can’t change a flat tyre…
    … we now have a majority who can’t change a lite bulb??

    Hence… I will continue the simple response to many of those Facebook ‘posts’ that seek to draw out discussion…

    … “you can’t fix STUPID… or Double Ugly… or the DNC”!!

    Make up any thang you wish… post it on Facebook… just as those ‘on the street’ for Jimmy Kimmel or Jesse Watters…
    … Americans are tilting toward Sheeple Commie Zombies…
    … 50 years ago our nation did not exceed 15% morbid obesity – today we are approaching 35%.

    Personally, I changed the oil in my car and lawn mower… changed several lite bulbs to the now affordable LED version… and will lose 10 pounds this month…

    … only hoping against the impossible that French Vichy might be tilting toward sanity…

    … without a single European nation yet ” galled ” enuff to deny entry from any Muslim Nation pending the elimination of JIHAD and SHARIA as tenets of that faux religion!!

  3. angus rangus April 24, 2017 at 8:16 AM -  Reply

    Bloomberg give the typical DC To Boston Commie Media interpretation today of this weekend’s polarized France…

    … Republican leadership “asked” their voters to support Commie Melanchon…

    … Socialist leadership ‘asked’ voters to support Commie Melanchon…

    … other Socialist EU leadership immediately backed Commie Melanchon…

    … Bloomberg claimed Le Pen is “FAR-RIGHT”… which would put her about where we might see Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney IF this were USA??

    NOW… you will see NO MEDIA use the Communist Party to describe Melanchon??

    IF Le Pen were to win… look for French Vichy to bring out their Commie JUDGES to deny basic enforcement of those pesky Immigration Laws against the Islamofascist JIHAD Terrorists destroying this nation also??

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