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Solar Industry Struggles

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Now, read this and recall the blog post earlier this week…“U.S. will lose jobs if it quits Paris climate deal: U.N.”!  Remember that one, where Erik Solheim, who is a Norwegian politician for the Socialist Left Party (SV) and currently Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme was telling us that if The Don withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord, we would suffer from the loss of jobs?

Now how many of us recall that when ex-President Obama started killing our energy industry, coal, oil, and nuclear, and began heavily subsidizing solar and wind energy that he told us the shift was going to cost Americans mightily…but that it was “the right thing to do”?  Anybody?  He was correct…monthly energy bills skyrocketed like Obamacare premiums and deductibles.

Then he went international to destroy the industry worldwide and signed up for the Paris Climate Accord.  Well Obama, this story exposes what bad politics is all about when the federal government gets involved in business…the usual end-result – failure and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

How long will huge subsidies continue in other countries to combat an unsubstantiated climate fear?  Will the U.S. really lose jobs in an industry that will hopefully lose my tax dollars?  Who knows, but I sure hope it is without us!  Get us out of the Accord Don!


The Security and Exchange Commission has begun investigating several solar-energy companies due to their alleged failure to disclose to their investors information about canceled contracts and lost customers.

Numerous customer complaints about these companies have been fielded by attorneys general in several states. Common to many of the complaints were stories of various high-pressure sales tactics, which seems to be corroborated by a rather high rate of customers backing out of contracts. SolarCity, which was recently purchased by Tesla, reported that nearly half of its customers were backing out of contracts before solar panels were installed. Another company, Sunrun, cut its growth expectations in half in 2016 from 80% to 40%.

The fledgling solar-energy industry is getting a crash course in market economics, with growing competition both within the industry itself with various new start-ups, as well as the development of more strident regulations in various states.

Despite being propped up by leftists hoping for a “clean energy” revolution, the solar-energy industry is struggling to survive market forces — well-established cheaper fossil fuel industry power and a lack of consumer demand. The Obama administration’s green-energy tactics included heavily subsidizing the failed Solyndra startup, which cost taxpayers more than half a billion dollars with nothing to show for it. That brought negative press for the entire industry. Now with Donald Trump at the helm and his push to deregulate coal and other fossil fuel industries, the viability (and desirability) of “green” energy becomes that much more tenuous.

Competing in the free market is challenging and offers no guarantee of success, but hiding numbers from investors and practicing dubious sales tactics — all while raking in taxpayer money — will only invite further distrust of an industry already struggling to gain broad public acceptance.


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  1. Angus Rangus May 6, 2017 at 8:50 AM -  Reply

    Our Florida Power & Lite – FPL – has the gall to now do commercials it shall add 5 more ‘solar fields’ … like the ones FEDS paid for in West Martin County.

    75 MWH solar panels over 1,500 acres of land that capital budget to ‘pay for themselves’ ONLY if the 20 year life panels… LAST 60 years!!

    Just a coupla items left out of this World’s 2nd Largest Solar Field…

    1. It created an environmental disaster its first year in 2011… off grid first 9 months as millions of yards of soil has to be dumptrucked “somewhere” from leaking heat transfer fluid contamination!!

    2, NEVER got beyond 57 MWH of its ‘design output’… AND the Plant Operator has to look at the computer to see IF his 3,750 MWH nat gas turbine generator is getting any boost from “co-generation” Solar – or if ambient cloud upped efficiency output!!

    YEP… none of the local papers breathed a word… other than to eliminate my posts for this tragic bullshat… when I dared post GOV Rick Scott’s actual letter to BARAMA blaming him 100% for the algae blooms last summer – simply saved from their editorial mistake of actually posting that news release in early editions!!

    FAUX GNUS… required to maintain trust in Fed GOVT … by Sheeple Commie Zombies!!

    They watch FPL ‘solar now’ commercials…
    … and don’t recall GW Bush approved 4 new Nuke units to build out to original design at South Florida’s St. Lucie and Black Point sites…
    … licensed to build over a decade ago…
    … BUT did not get any ‘juice’ from the DC Money Laundry for the 8 abjectly miserably failed White House THUGocracy years of Valerie Jarrett piloting that wreck!!

    GOVT SUCCESS?? Our SS check arrived on time in April… to pay taxes on this EARNED INCOME we were promised up until 2010 it would never, ever be done… except of course on those feelthy reech basterds everyone luvs to hatemonger in America {excepting of course those major donors of the DNC… over 100 who give more every year than Koch Brothers – #1 EPA rated company in America for ‘green’}

  2. Old Jim May 6, 2017 at 9:09 AM -  Reply


    OK… our Founders had no alternative… they included Postal Service in original plan…

    … which Congress to their credit… finally spun off to an ‘independent GSE’…

    … BUT refuses to allow the inevitable recognition ONLINE is doing in most ‘posted letters’ the Founders considered essential…

    … and FedEx / UPS / USPS are competing vigorously for package commerce that is shuttering Gander Mountain this month – use those GM giftcards that expire 5/18/2017!!

    Amazon PRIME… I still find it incredible … I can buy thangs for less delivered in 2 days… than the USPS priority mailing fees alone??

    … can we discuss the other 75% of our Federal GOVT that serves no purpose than wanking off taxpayers for RED State to BLEU State wealth distribution…
    … that have NO authority in the Constitution to exist??

    Do they even allow H/S Seniors to visit the history of FDR knowing full well SCOTUS would disallow his ‘voluntary’ Social Security crapola… and he suckerpunched by threatening to pack it with 11 more of his Commie buds??

  3. uniwersity of barssom at helium grad student May 6, 2017 at 9:15 AM -  Reply


    … can we discuss that THORIUM Nuke Plant…

    … that was shuttered in 1975…

    … AFTER the premise looked promising of getting 3 cent KWH electricity…

    … from a $ONE Billion Nuke Plant…

    … using cheap vast quantities of low grade / non-proliferating fuel with half life so small it resembles Uranium mine tailings …

    … and requires just a peanut of Plutonium to get it all going…

    … with ZERO offsite storage EVER??…

    … and absolutely ZERO ability to enrich for any weapons programs!!

    HOW did all this remain completely out of the ‘news our planet needs really, really, really, really NOW’???

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