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Senate Dems to hold late-night protest over ObamaCare repeal

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Message to Senate Republicans:

“Let the Senate Democrats, liberal organizations, and mainstream media spin and obstruct all they want!  All Republican Senators, including the obstructionist RINOs (you know who you are), should keep the promise of “full repeal” that you were elected on, draft a bill accordingly, and pass it with 100 percent of the Republican vote!”


Senate Democrats are planning to hold a late-night talkathon Monday to protest the GOP’s effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare. 

Democrats are expected to speak from the Senate floor until at least midnight protesting the GOP plan — which is still being hashed out — amid Senate Republicans’ refusal to hold a public hearing, according to a Senate aide. 

Indivisible, a progressive advocacy group, is urging its members to ask Democratic senators to “resist through procedure” by blocking routine committee hearings or filibustering on the Senate floor. 

“Your Senator can slow the Senate down to a crawl and focus attention to TrumpCare by withholding his or her consent on legislative business,” according to the group’s June action plan for stopping the GOP healthcare bill. 

Center for American Progress’s Topher Spiro made a similar suggestion

Democrats have previously used all-night floor speeches paired with social media to try to build public support for their opposition to a policy or President Trump nominee.

Democratic leadership hasn’t publicly backed bringing the Senate floor to a halt as part of the ObamaCare repeal fight, but members are weighing the strategy, according to CNN.

Democrats could invoke the “two-hour rule,” which would automatically prevent any Senate committees from meeting after the Senate had been in session for two hours. They could also drag out Senate floor procedures by objecting to routine requests on votes.

Senate Republicans are wanting to vote on their healthcare legislation this summer, as early as the end of this month but before late July when they leave for the August recess. 

They also introduced legislation last week that would block Republicans from passing ObamaCare repeal under reconciliation — a fast-track process that allows it to pass with a simple majority — without at least one public hearing.


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  1. uniwersity of barsoom at helium balloon vessel designer June 19, 2017 at 10:52 AM -  Reply

    Vely simbolik…
    … passed at Midnite – without ever read…
    … protested at Midnite – still unread!!

  2. Angus Rangus June 19, 2017 at 10:53 AM -  Reply

    Just guessing…

    … their armed escorts will have M-16’s??

  3. Old Jim June 19, 2017 at 10:54 AM -  Reply

    and they fear not any major Ruskie bomb plot whilst not in legal session??

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