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SEIU’s Fight for $15 may be on ‘chopping block,’ despite spending $90 million

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Amazing the amount of union dues that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has spent on just this one, losing, strong-arm effort to force the country to accept its demand for the ridiculous $15 minimum wage!  $90 million…of union members’ hard-earned money!  Wow!

What a waste!  Nope…they couldn’t have plowed that money into something good for their members, like efforts towards retirement or health care.  And look at where the money went!  When union officials were asked to comment…no statement!

Of course not!


The country’s largest union has been slowly losing members since the start five years ago of its campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

An analysis of the 2016 financial disclosures from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to the Department of Labor by the Center for Union Facts (CUF) reveals that the union spent over $90 million on the Fight for $15 minimum wage campaign since 2012 without a single major policy victory.

The watchdog CUF says that in addition, membership for the union — which represents public service workers, nurses, hospital staff and home-care providers, building services, security guards and food service workers — has been waning since the start of the initiative.

“After five years and $90 million or more spent on the Fight for $15 campaign, the [SEIU] has failed to make progress on the metric that matters most: Getting more dues-paying members in the restaurant industry,” CUF Executive Director Richard Berman said to Fox News. “It was reported earlier this year that the SEIU is cutting back its spending in the Trump era, and the costly and unproductive $15 campaign is surely on the chopping block.”  

“An SEIU pullback on $15 wouldn’t be surprising — the UFCW [United Food and Commercial Workers] ended its commitment to the ‘OUR Walmart’ campaign after it became clear that employees had no interest in what they were selling. It’s a lesson the SEIU may soon learn the hard way.”

While the SEIU’s membership increased from 1,887,941 employees in 2015 to 1,901,161 employees last year, the union’s membership has actually declined over the past six years. In 2011 when the union started the Fight for $15 it claimed 1,921,786 – 21,000 more employees than it had in 2016.

“While the SEIU has scored some legislative victories, the union continues to bleed money with no major restaurant organizing win to show for it,” Berman said. “Even former SEIU boss Andy Stern has acknowledged that the $90 million Fight for $15 wage campaign isn’t sustainable.”

At least $19 million was spent on the Fight for $15 campaign in 2016, according to the financial disclosures. The CUF believes that the number is a conservative estimate because it excludes items such as staff salaries, expenses paid for additional legal services and money paid to certain outside advocacy groups.

Over $14 million in campaign funds went to workers organizing committees, which are effectively satellite offices within the SEIU organization.

Officials for the SEIU did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

News of the union’s financials comes on the heels of a national protest organized by SEIU for next week.

The Fight for $15 organization is joining forces with a cluster of Black Lives Matter groups to launch their first national joint action on April 4, the 49th anniversary of King’s assassination, with “Fight Racism, Raise Pay” protests in two dozen cities, including: Atlanta; Milwaukee; Memphis, Tennessee; Chicago; Boston; Denver; and Las Vegas.


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  1. uniwersity of barsoom at helium grad April 2, 2017 at 8:41 AM -  Reply

    … those SEIU ‘members’ could have bought a book by Milton Friedman…
    … that destroys all the myths of the Commie Collectivism EVER solving a single nation’s employment needs??

    CAPITALISM is the only effective scarce resource allocator!

    Russia was forced to embrace in the 90’s…

    CHINA still has 800 million ‘starving’… living below their $30 /month “poverty level” … when subsistence food costs $60…

    Venezuela is eating from garbage cans… there are not ‘pets’ roaming free on the streets…

    CUBA was so-o-o-o abjectly & miserably failed… 50% of their economy was ‘black market’… survived ONLY because their BBF Commie BARAMA bailed them out with his ‘flexibility after the election’ he got caught with Medevyev on open mike for VLAD!!

  2. Angus Rangus April 2, 2017 at 8:47 AM -  Reply

    Common cents??

    You are not going to warpspeed jump to “MIDDLE CLASS”…
    … working at McDonald’s!!

    MIDDLE CLASS – is the Economic Term describing that class of worker in America…
    … succeeding to the extent 35% disposable income remains AFTER subsistence needs are met.

    NOW… we can discuss big the SS/granite 4/3 must be…
    … how many smartphones / smart FLAT screens / contracted yard work / restaurant eatouts…
    … are within that ‘subsistence’ definition?

    BUT… you might consider working the same 55-65 hour work weeks most of us found ‘normal’ …
    … IF you are serious about leaving that McDonald’s behind??

    AND… few of us made it living on the UNION Plantation the DNC owns lock, stock and barrel – with zero apology for using a 2nd Amendment ‘friendly term’??

  3. Old Jim April 2, 2017 at 8:51 AM -  Reply

    IF we can ‘legislate a minimum wage’…
    … that actually allows MIDDLE CLASS attainment??

    Doesn’t it make perfect sense to end this 50 year War on Poverty…
    … by making $10,000 an hour our ‘minimum wage’??

    NOW… you fully comprehend just how stupid your little doubling of market force wages you Commie Propaganda crapola truly is??

    HINT: 30 million ILLEGAL ALIENS are your real enemy…
    … they thrive even better than you on the same DNC Plantation…
    … and can vote as many DEAD PEOPLE as you when those SEIU Buses load up paid DNC voters at the illegal BLACK Churches across America with pre-printed ballots handed out with that ‘get out the vote cash’??

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