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Planned Parenthood Funding Guaranteed in Maryland If Feds Cut Support

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And how must conservatives living in Maryland feel about this move?  Another question…How must those in the state on the true entitlement of Medicaid feel as they watch their services shrink by $2 million to fund this?  Oh, and what else is going to get slashed by $700,000 from the General Fund?

Do all Marylanders believe that not even one abortion will take place in one those nine Planned Parenthood health centers?

So let’s get it over with Don and cut Planned Parenthood out of the federal budget already!  If states like Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, and surely California wish to fund what we know today has taken place in Planned Parenthood facilities, let their citizens pay for it…as it should be.


ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland has become the first state to enact legislation to mitigate any federal cuts to Planned Parenthood.

The measure was enacted Thursday after Gov. Larry Hogan decided not to veto the bill. Like 14 other bills, it went into effect after a midnight deadline without the Republican governor’s signature. The Democrat-led General Assembly passed the bill with enough votes to override a veto.

Supporters say it will help protect access to preventative care services for nearly 25,000 Planned Parenthood patients at nine health centers in the state, if the federal governments cuts funding. The measure, which takes effect July 1, would direct $2 million from Maryland’s Medicaid budget and $700,000 for the state’s general fund to family-planning services.

Karen Nelson, president of Planned Parenthood of Maryland, said the Maryland General Assembly “has done what is necessary to protect our patients who turn to Planned Parenthood for their health care.”

“In today’s political environment, Planned Parenthood is grateful for the support of our state legislature,” Nelson said. “As Marylanders, we must remember that a state solution does not change the fact that politicians in Congress are trying to prohibit millions of people from accessing care at Planned Parenthood.”

Despite the Republican failure last month to repeal Barack Obama’s health care law, Democratic lawmakers in some states have pressed forward with efforts to protect access to birth control and preventative care in case of future federal cuts to Planned Parenthood.

In Nevada, state lawmakers and health advocates have promoted bills to allow women to access 12-month supplies of birth control and require all health insurers to cover contraceptives at no extra charge. Another Nevada proposal would provide alternative funding to help organizations like Planned Parenthood.

In Oregon, lawmakers have been considering a bill to require health insurers to cover a full range of services, drugs and products related to reproductive health, including contraceptives, with no co-pay or deductible.

Opponents to the legislation in Maryland expressed concern about whether the state would be subsidizing abortion. Planned Parenthood is the No. 1 abortion provider in the U.S. but also offers extensive birth control and health-screening services.

Supporters of the new Maryland law noted federal law prohibits using the money to pay for abortions. Supporters said the measure was about ensuring basic health care, including birth control and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.


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  1. Angus Rangus April 8, 2017 at 8:02 AM -  Reply

    YEP… more power to MerryLand!!

    This sovereign ‘state’ has every right to fund ANY “specific citizen welfare” it decides its taxpayers will allow elected GOVT to do!

    In fact, to solve the Baltimore problems… perhaps it should be MANDATORY, just as Margaret Sanger set about doing in her genocidal plan??

    UNLESS… SCOTUS overturns Rowe v. Wade… and protects the human life being slaughtered??

    Kaleefornya is just as free to pass its bill for Single Payor HealthCARE…
    … WHICH is but another BIG LIE CANARD… as that state knows full well its taxpayers will not bear that burden!
    … GOV MOONbeam specifically wanted for decades — BUT, only signed up those 12.3 million on Medicaid – as Commie BARAMA assured him the Feds would pay 100% forever!! {at $10,000 per head, isn’t that $123 Billion ’bout the same as their alleged ‘state budget’ for the past decade they can’t balance??}

    Let’s get on to bigger fish… Media taunting Texas landowners on the border are fretting President TRUMP will ‘seize’ their land for his WALL??

    Actually, GW Bush ‘initiative’ in 2006 – REAL Fence – already did that… we now just be squabbling over which Rio Grande waterfront ‘border’ these landowners did not realize was an International Border – that you might not want to build out too heavy??

    Love the way the DC To Boston Commie Media sees but one narrow beam of conjecture / half truth / circular reasoning in spinning their propaganda??

  2. Old Jim April 8, 2017 at 8:37 AM -  Reply

    Our Founders wisely had 2 Senators from every sovereign state selected by the respective state legislature… to assure that Republic member state would have an equal voice in the very limited Federal GOVT.

    SO… the proper way to get that Balanced Budget…
    … was to have MerryLand’s 2 Senators comment thusly on their desire to slaughter more unborne babies…
    … as the specific subject came up as to why the Federal GOVT did not have ANY authority to spend ANY Federal Funds on this very “specific citizen welfare”??

    This was quite true for the first 190 years of our USA!!

    Wasn’t until 1933 we had Commie FDR bulldoze SCOTUS into refraining from finding his ‘voluntary’ Social Security program violated openly …

    … and then 1964 Commie LBJ used the Camelot Fairy Tale to leverage his Great Society off the TWO-FOR… “full faith & credit of the USA”…
    … to stop depositing payroll taxes into Social Security OR his new equally illegal Medicare…
    … and that tiny speck Medicaid – just a temporary ‘safety net’ for the few poor whose states didn’t adequately provide for medical care!!

    WOW… it took all this brownboot gestapo ILLEGAL Leadership to destroy our Federal pilot program no other nation on the planet ever accomplished??

    At least in Sweden they allow voters to decide how rabidly progressive they become??

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