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Parents: Prepare Your College Kids for Left-Wing Campus Bias

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An interesting analysis and opinion piece regarding the progression of ‘Snowflake-ism’ on our campuses over the decades is revealed by Larry Elder on The Patriot Post.

Many of us have known for years of the horrific liberal-slant on our college campuses, and many others…not so much or not so interested in it.  This is the first time I have seen data and numbers used to confirm what we already knew and it is pretty shocking!

Our colleges and universities are the starting point to reverse the damage now gripping our nation and that threaten our political foundation.  What everybody used to just scoff at and disregard, or just take-in-stride, has reached ‘critical mass’ and something needs to be done to stop the insanity!

Are there not some colleges and universities in America that counter the liberal faculty dominating most of the biggest campuses?  Well in fact, there are:  The 20 Best Conservative Colleges in America

So how did these colleges/universities do it and how have they survived?  Perhaps this is where we start in our efforts to stop the ‘Snowflake-ism” movement in our country and make America great again!


Do college students — and their parents — truly understand how thoroughly left-wing professors dominate the humanities side of academia?

Many people know that most professors are liberal, but the degree to which the left wing rules is jaw-dropping. A study published last September in Econ Journal Watch, “Faculty Voter Registration in Economics, History, Journalism, Law, and Psychology,” documents the overwhelming left-wing nature of the voter registration of college profs at 40 leading universities. An examination of voter registration in five departments found that Democrats outnumber Republicans by 11 ½-to-1. Even in economics, where one would think that views would be driven by data, not politics, Democrats outnumbered Republicans 4 ½-to-1. History was practically foreign terrain for Republicans, as Democrats outnumbered them 33 ½-to-1.

And it’s getting worse. A 1968 study put the Democrat-to-Republican ratio in history departments at 2.7-to-1. This latest study found that among profs 65 and older, Democrats outnumber Republicans by 10 to 1. But for scholars under the age of 36 the ratio is 22.7-to-1.

In 2012 the California Association of Scholars published the results of a two-year study about the bias of professors in the University of California system. The study claims that professors’ bias “corrupts” education, turning schools into indoctrination camps. According to the National Association of Scholars: “The report documented curricula that promote political activism, in violation of UC regulations. For example, one course aims to be a ‘training ground’ for ‘advocates committed to racial justice theory and practice.’” The CAS report also cited earlier studies that found that associate and assistant professors, those waiting in the wings, are ever more likely to be registered as Democrats. Among UC Berkeley’s associates and assistants, said the report, registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans by 49-to-1 in all departments — including sciences.

What about commencement speakers?

Of the political speakers, left-wingers dramatically outnumber conservatives. The student political advocacy group Campus Reform looked at last year’s commencement speakers for the top 100 colleges and universities from U.S. News & World Report’s annual ranking of best colleges. Of the then-announced speakers associated with political messages, 40 were liberal and 10 conservative, a ratio of 4-to-1 in favor of Democrats.

What about political contributions?

In the 2012 presidential election, a Campus Reform study found that 96 percent of the Ivy League’s faculty and staffers who made campaign donations sent their checks to Barack Obama. At Brown University, just one professor contributed to Mitt Romney’s campaign. Employees of the eight prestigious schools sent more than $1.2 million to President Obama, but contributed just $114,166 to Romney’s campaign — a ratio of more than 10-to-1 in favor of Obama.

This brings us to what can only be described as Trump Derangement Syndrome, campus style. UC Berkeley claims, in effect, that it cannot protect students and property, therefore “incendiary” conservative speakers like Ann Coulter and David Horowitz — who actually attended graduate school there — had to cancel their proposed speeches. Meanwhile, at Claremont McKenna College in California, students blocked entry to those who came to hear pro-cop researcher Heather Mac Donald. “Activists” called Mac Donald a “white supremacist fascist,” among other things, for researching and concluding that, no, cops are not engaging in illegal racial profiling. At Middlebury College, a professor who co-sponsored the invitation to conservative Charles Murray, which prompted a riot, apologized — to the rioters! Another California human psychology professor called Trump’s election “an act of terrorism.”

Dartmouth recently conducted a field survey of nearly 500 of its students and found that 45 percent of the students who self-identified as Democrats said they would be “uncomfortable” rooming with a conservative, while only 12 percent of Republican students said that they would be “uncomfortable” with a liberal roommate.

The question is whether left-wing professors create left-wing students. To say there is no effect is to say teachers don’t matter. Consider this. In an attempt to quantify the effect of media bias, UCLA economics and political science professor Tim Groseclose writes: “(The) average voter received approximately 8.2 percent of his news from Fox, and 79.9 percent from establishment media (defined as all outlets except Fox, the internet and talk radio). Thus, the ‘reach’ of establishment media is approximately 10 times that of Fox News.” He says in presidential elections, liberal media bias gives Dems an advantage of eight to 10 points. Were the media truly fair and balanced, concludes Groseclose, the average state would vote the way Texas does.

Is it not reasonable to assume that professors have at least some measure of influence on their students? Have many professors crossed the line from education to indoctrination? Will opposing views be tolerated and respected? Does a student run a risk of facing grade retaliation by a Trump-hating poli-sci professor?

Campus activists have long complained about “microaggressions,” for which they demand “safe spaces.” Is there any place where a left-wing student can feel safer than a college campus, where conservatives are not just unwanted but cannot even speak?


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  1. Angus Rangus May 4, 2017 at 7:26 AM -  Reply

    Surveys generally are ‘self-professed’… done by fellow Commies… rarely get the truth from those afraid to lose their jobs before tenure… or nasty reputation after tenure.

    Only those college & university professors whose written work indicates any thang modestly toward the center can be trusted.

    My guess is even most who vote GOP… register as Independent …for the same fear!

    In the daily newspaper business 30 years ago… the business side lamented 25% of our news side are Commies… the remainder are DemonKKKrats!

    2000 = newspapers had 420,000 employees.
    2015 – down to 175,000 employees

    Less than 10% of homes access a daily paper thru paid subscription – including Online!

    Newspapers in Education … no longer in most classrooms!

  2. Old Jim May 4, 2017 at 7:37 AM -  Reply

    Sadly, most of the damage is done in Pre-K thru 12…
    … by that 60% of Teachers who belong to their local Teacher Union…
    … that rabidly gives majority of their dues to DemonKKKrats of every stripe.

    Florida Educators Association… mortgaged its Tallahassee HQ for $1.7 million…
    … to back the abjectly failed Bill Bright campaign …
    … against Jeb Bush for 2nd term.

    Even the radical left Miami Herald endorsed Jeb… “he deserves a 2nd term as he accomplished every thang the said he’d do … and far more…”

    FEA refused to walk across that aisle when Jeb tried to increase their 1.6% pension formula to 2.5%… sadly, after 9/11 when no one could do enuff for ‘first responders’… Jeb naively upped our Special Risk LEO& Fire from 2% to 3%…
    … NO Florida is not a SS waiver state…
    … and that old 1.5% benchmark private firms used BEFORE replacing their pensions with matching 401’s ’bout 35 years ago…
    … wasn’t brought up by young Marco Rubio in the House… either!!

    Biggest mistake of Jeb/Marco’s tenure in our state GOVT…
    … alongst with not using our CAT Fund as a pure loss Trust… that would now have over $100 BN and we’d not be still paying $6 BN in Wind Coverage every year!!

    YEP… I wrote the right emails then also… way too many stakeholders in the 21st Century with very little Common Cents!!

    See how being a rabid progressive liberal loon… or allowing their numbers to climb… has very bad results on most every thang that liberalism touches??

    Just very little room in most brainstems… for ANY such TOXIC liberalism ideas

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