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Outcry after Arkansas judge who stayed executions joins anti-death penalty rally

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This is what our courts, state and federal, are filled with now after eight years of socialist, authoritarian destruction…judges who rule not on the merits of the case, but with their political ideals, and sometimes, changing the laws as they do it!

A clear case for impeachment…and I would like to see the system work for a change, waking up some time next week to see that this dirtbag was kicked off of the bench and tossed into the gutter, without a state pension.

To get a flavor of what this particular judge is all about, check this story about him:  “Wendell Griffen Opinion


The judge who on Friday barred Arkansas from executing six prisoners in rapid succession followed his ruling by attending an anti-death penalty rally, where he lay down on a cot and bound himself as though he were a condemned man on a gurney.

Judge Wendell Griffen’s participation in the protest outside the Arkansas governor’s mansion sparked outrage among death penalty supporters, including Republican lawmakers who described it as judicial misconduct and potential grounds for Griffen’s removal from the bench.

Arkansas attorney general Leslie Rutledge on Saturday asked the state’s highest court to vacate Griffen’s ruling and asked for a new judge to be assigned the case.

Griffen, a Pulaski County circuit judge, ruled against the state because of a dispute over how the state obtained one of its execution drugs. In an interview on Saturday, he said he was morally opposed to the death penalty and that his personal beliefs alone should not disqualify him from taking up certain cases.

“We have never, in my knowledge, been so afraid to admit that people can have personal beliefs yet can follow the law, even when to follow the law means they must place their personal feelings aside,” he said.

On Friday, Griffen granted a restraining order preventing Arkansas from using its supply of vecuronium bromide, one of three drugs it uses in executions, because the supplier said the state misleadingly obtained the drug.

The ruling came a day before a federal judge halted the executions on different grounds. The back-to-back decisions upend what had been a plan to execute eight men in 11 days, starting on Monday, because the state’s supply of one of the other execution drugs expires at the end of the month.

Griffen declined to comment on the demonstration or his ruling, saying he would address any questions about it at a hearing he scheduled for Tuesday.

Citing the judge’s participation in anti-death penalty events before and after issuing his ruling, attorney general Rutledge wrote on Saturday: “This court should put a stop to the games being played by a judge who is obviously unable to preside over this case impartially.”

Lawmakers have suggested the move may be grounds for the Arkansas House to begin impeachment proceedings, saying the demonstration and a blogpost Griffen wrote on the death penalty this week may amount to “gross misconduct” under the state constitution.

“He is outside the bounds of normal behavior for most judges probably anywhere in America,” Republican state senator Jason Rapert said.

It is also unclear whether the move would prompt action from the state’s judicial discipline and disability commission. Griffen, who served 12 years on the state appeals court, has battled with the panel over remarks he made criticizing George W Bush and the war in Iraq. The panel ultimately dropped its case against him.

Griffen said he would not consider a person’s participation in an anti-execution event enough, on its own, to warrant disqualifying a juror from a death penalty case. The question, he said, is whether the juror could set his or her personal views aside and follow the law.

“We do not require people to come into court with blank slates, either in their minds or their heart,” he said.


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  1. Angus Rangus April 16, 2017 at 7:34 AM -  Reply

    When any “JUDGE” is … morally opposed… to any existing law that is being enforced…

    … that “JUDGE” is… morally obligated… to recuse issuing any order preventing the lawful execution of that enforcement!!

    We have the same dilemma across the US for decades… WHY now can we 100% accurately predict a DNC appointed “JUDGE” will decide to stop our Legislature or Executive Branch from passing new laws… or enforce existing laws??

    … Commie Professor exhorted all the DNC = DemonKKKrat Nationale Commies…
    … to revel in and profess their Communism loudly and in the streets!!

    THAT is what you have to do as a minority to rule the majority!

    Not a dime bit different NOW … than the past 130 years Worldwide!!

    When you own all education from Pre-K thru Law and MD advanced degrees…
    … DC To Boston Commie Media…
    … HollyWeird / NYC ‘entertainment’…
    … Public Employee Unions…

    WHY not shout out your IDEOLOGY to the Sheeple Commie Zombies across America??

    Try explaining most any thang to your children or grandchildren about Traditional American Values…
    … they know most every ‘reason’ we just can’t execute Death Penalties!!
    … or why we just can’t deny a Death Row Inmate his sudden realization he needs a sex change operation!!

  2. Old Jim April 16, 2017 at 7:44 AM -  Reply


    “” Capital punishment is a legal penalty in the U.S. state of California, but executions are rare.

    It carried out 709 executions from 1778 to the 1972 California Supreme Court decision in People v. Anderson finding the death penalty contrary to the state constitution.

    California voters reinstated the death penalty a few months later, with Proposition 17 legalizing the death penalty in the state constitution and superseding the Anderson ruling. Since then, hundreds of death sentences have been handed down, but only 13 executions have been carried out, the last one in 2006.

    As of 2015, there were 746 offenders on California’s death row. Of those, 126 involved torture before murder, 173 killed children, and 44 murdered police officers.

    California rejected two initiatives to repeal the death penalty by popular vote in 2012 and 2016, and it adopted in 2016 another proposal to expedite its appeal process. “”


    For those wrongfully thinking Commies haven’t taken over JUDICIAL across the land…

    … reread this excerpt from very liberal wikipedia explaining that VOTERS have consistently explained they want the DEATH PENALTY applied in Kaleefornya for the past 45 years…
    … since the first Commie Judges took the ‘law’ in their own hands and decided they would not allow the legal enforcement of that legal law!!

    HEY, the US Supreme Court did the same thang… All outlying LBJ’s bold $140 TRILLION deficit financed GREAT SOCIETY!!

    NOW… consider again WHY America can not allow 6 Catholic and 3 Jewish SCOTUS Justices!!

    These are the two most prolific ‘religions’ doing exactly what the Arkansas ‘judge’ is doing… openly defying our Constitution to prevent lawful execution as ordered by the trial court of competent jurisdiction!!

  3. Uniwersity of Barsoom at Helium Grad April 16, 2017 at 7:51 AM -  Reply

    Florida , et al are only slightly better… actually executing the court sentence on just 4 or 6 Death Row Inmates a year does not cut down our 364 Death Row Inmate population… as strongly as ‘natural causes’!!

    WHY is it inhuman to lock down a 12 gauge double barrel – in NRA Good Condition or better – 20 inches from eyeballs for 20 minutes to produce somewhat remorseful ‘brown stains’… and allow the family or volunteers to pull the remote lanyard firing both barrels to instantly remove the skull cap of the heinous murderer??

    Arkansas is caught with expiring ‘legal drugs’?? What ‘JUDGE’ decided we give one hoot in hell whether any drug ‘dating’ is valid?? What scientist decided that lethal drug won’t be lethal anymore one day past that date??

    {actually, Scientists have all agreed most all ‘use by dates’ are fictitious – even for most food items – and especially drugs of most all kinds!!}

    WHEN even the simple retards of America know the obvious Commie bullshat this is…
    … we might as well get on with their Che Guevara Blood In The Streets Revolution…
    … all precursors have exhausted any chance of taking back America otherwise??

  4. Uniwersity of Barsoom at Helium Grad April 16, 2017 at 7:57 AM -  Reply

    Should we post the status of DEATH ROW in both Federal and Military…
    … once more to show this as what it is??

    D U P L I C I T O U S . . . LUDICROUS MAXIMUS !@#$%^%&*

    64 on Federal Death Row in Indiana…

    . . . GW BUSH exectued Tim McVeigh and the two Texans he campaign pledged to execute in 2001 – 2003.
    . . . NONE have been executed since!!

    5 on Military Death Row at Ft. Leavenworth…

    . . . NONE have been executed in the past 50 years!!

    . . . INCLUDING former Foot Hood Army Officer Nadal Malik Hasan… who slaughtered 13 innocents and maimed 19 more in his Islamofascist JIHAD Terror attack in 2009!! This paralyzed cretin slimeball is now demanding he be allowed a sex change operation to find the ‘real him’!!


    Our chances at relighting that beacon on the hill for Democracy and Freedom…
    … are growing slimmmer by the Commie minute!!

  5. Old Jim April 21, 2017 at 8:40 AM -  Reply

    UPDATE: 1 down… 10 to go!!

    ARE Americans finally fed up with this bullshat fake gnu’s of CROOKED JUDGES…

    … LOL – as they claim more ‘proof’ is needed for cretins given the death penalty two decades ago when no SMIDGEN of doubt exists…

    … and their ‘ruling’ is but political hacksmanship of the DEEPEST STATE … DNC??

    Can we ask a 5th grade class to rule on this obviousness??

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