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Oroville Dam documents kept secret by state, federal officials

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Hmmm…Maybe Californians can get in touch with their federal House Representative, Adam Schiff, and let him know that they want immediate access to those classified documents so that they can see if the plan will keep them safe and what it will really cost them…not the estimate.  After all, California politicos are pretty bad at estimates.  Remember the “Bullet Train to Nowhere”?

Everybody knows who Adam Schiff is now, right?  He’s the guy serving as the Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in the D.C. Swamp creating all of the fake news about Representative Devin Nunes, R-Ca., who is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and whom Schiff wants to get rid of because he did his job!

And if Schiff can’t get it for Californians, try requesting the information in an email to “Hillbilly” Hillary Clinton.  I understand she and the minions who were on her staff might still have access to the government’s classified information and could get it emailed to you in a hurry.  I’m pretty sure that she would be willing to negotiate…for a price.


Citing potential security risks, state and federal officials are blocking the public’s ability to review documents that could shed light on repair plans and safety issues at crippled Oroville Dam.

One of the secret reports is a memo from an independent panel of experts brought in to guide state officials’ repair plans. Another confidential document is labeled a “Project Safety Compliance Report.”

The secrecy on the part of state dam operators prompted state Sen. Jim Nielsen to call for an immediate oversight hearing.

“I’m alarmed and on the verge of outrage. We have an absolute, significant public safety concern,” said Nielsen, a Republican who represents thousands of residents who were evacuated when it appeared the dam might flood the region in February. “We need to know what cause they have to believe that there’s such a (security) risk, or is that just cover-up?”

Dam managers at the state Department of Water Resources declined an interview request. In a written statement, spokeswoman Lauren Bisnett cited federal dam-security regulations.

“Within the bounds of security restrictions, DWR is committed to regularly updating the public on the findings and recommendations of the Board of Consultants and on the work to rebuild the Oroville spillways before the next storm season,” she said in an email.

The sealing of the reports comes after The Sacramento Bee reported on a earlier memo by four engineering consultants pointing to troubling design flaws at Oroville Dam’s main spillway, flaws that might have caused a giant crater to form in the concrete chute Feb. 7. The consultants also questioned whether the state could realistically follow through with plans to permanently repair the structure before the next rainy season.

The spillway’s fracture eventually led to the temporary evacuation of nearly 200,000 downstream residents.

The original memo, dated March 17, is available on the website of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which licenses the dam. The consultants’ latest memo, dated March 24, was blocked from public view under a provision that says the document contains “Critical Energy Infrastructure Information.” The sealed safety report, filed with FERC by the state, was dated Thursday. Cover letters on the FERC website include descriptions of both documents, but access to their content is blocked.

DWR requested the consultants’ report be kept confidential, said FERC spokeswoman Celeste Miller. It wasn’t clear who made the safety report confidential.

FERC’s website says a document can be made confidential if it “gives strategic information” related to “the production, generation, transmission, or distribution of energy” or could be “useful to a person planning an attack on critical infrastructure.”

Oroville Dam includes a power plant, which is the dam’s primary river outlet outside of the rainy season.

Bill Connelly, a member of the Butte County Board of Supervisors and an outspoken critic of DWR, said the timing of the confidential filing is suspect, given the troubling revelations in the earlier memo.

“I think there’s a history of deceit and a history of keeping us in the dark,” Connelly said. “DWR has been very careful not to let the locals know what actually what was going on it. … Why be secretive about it?”

Advocates expressed similar frustrations.

“You can’t see what hell they’re doing,” said Ron Stork of the Sacramento environmental group Friends of the River. “They really do need to find a way to keep us informed. This is unacceptable.”

The consultants’ first report revealed that Oroville’s spillway was so riddled with design flaws and so badly damaged that the panel concluded it will be almost impossible to repair the structure completely before the next rainy season begins in November.

The panel said it believes the concrete spillway can be made functional enough to release water from Lake Oroville during the next rainy season. But the panel noted it’s “questionable” whether the state has enough time to replace the badly damaged lower half of the 48-year-old spillway. The bottom of the structure is now split from the top by a gaping chasm that extends into the neighboring hillside.

The expert panel’s conclusions, based on a review of reports and an on-site inspection earlier this month, provided a first-ever accounting of structural and design problems that might have caused the spillway to partially collapse on Feb. 7. The consultants described seeing troubling amounts of water flowing from underneath the structure, concrete that was far too thin and dangerous gaps underneath the foundation on which the massive concrete chute sits.

The state hired the consultants under orders from FERC following the spillway crisis at Oroville, the nation’s tallest dam. Lake Oroville is California’s second largest reservoir.

Acting DWR director Bill Croyle said at a news conference Monday he expects to announce a repair plan next week.


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  1. Angus Rangus April 2, 2017 at 7:51 AM -  Reply

    SKIP… all the drama … in between any thang the DNC ‘promises’ or for ‘immediate reform plans’… and what they have gotten GOP complicity to ‘compromise’ generally::

    … TRANSPARENCY – – – Commie LIARS are minority – can’t let their secret deals out!!

    … QUID PRO QUO – – – Commie LIARS have to buy silence for their THUGocracy!!

    … INVESTMENT – – – Commie LIARS mean SPEND / SPEND / SPEND in every case!!

    … SOCIAL JUSTICE – – – Commie LIARS never provided any group with ‘justice’!!

    … VICTIM RIGHTS – – – Commie LIARS created all those ‘victims’ on their plantation!!

    … INFRASTRUCTURE – – – Commie LIARS hide their DNC abject miserable failures locally… by wealth redistribution from RED States that fixed their stuff – to BLEU States who wasted theirs on ILLEGAL ALIENS / DRUGS / HOMOEROTIC Propagandizing!!

    Next Class on Commie LIARS we can discuss WHY $140 TRILLION wasted on 50 years of War on Poverty has not yet seen a single battle victory…
    … BUT left America with $20 TRILLION National Debt we pay interest on…
    … AND $120 TRILLION Unfunded Liability for SS & Medicare that will become National Debt over next 50 years!!

    It is that simple… the DC Money Laundry shrinks your clothes — does not get the dirt out — and likely were last worn by someone else!!

  2. Old Jim April 2, 2017 at 8:02 AM -  Reply

    Two weeks in northern Kaleefornya’s three major ‘wine valleys’ …

    … found few misunderstanding their state’s abject miserable failure to govern any thang!!

    Those not wishing to discuss ‘politics’… yep, generally they be the DNC rabids or Sheeple!!

    You see it as the base layer of even The Boss discussion… he has zero confidence the Commie Agenda of this largest of BLEU States CAN be moved back to even moderate leftist ways!!

    With a little wine during a family union celebration… one Senior retired from public services remarked it would be impossible to contain all those ‘minorities’ WITHOUT easy access to abortion! YEP… Margaret Sangers genocidal plans realized!

    It was easy for us to find ‘common ground’ we would tolerate the first child on public dole… IF that Baby Factory was closed ‘permanently’!!

    Oroville Dam… they know damn well Gov Moonbeam refused to spend state money for that state dam…
    … like Flint ‘water problems’ will most likely see Federal ‘infrastructure dollars’ – blaming FERC whose job is simply regulating power rates charged when hydroelectic is involved –
    … just as surely as that ‘single payor universal healthplan’ the DNC in Kaleefornya wanted was paid for by wealth redistribution from RED States… $122 BN for their bragged 12.3 million added to Medicaid – including how many million Illegal Aliens??

    HAS President TRUMP withheld a single dollar yet??
    HAS President TRUMP even had Federal lawsuits for Sanctuary law violations??
    HAS President TRUMP ordered a FED audit of Fed Welfare Plans law violations on those ILLEGAL ALIENS??

    Hmmm… when no one got the cajones to stop them… WHY expect any changes short of Venezuela / Greek bankruptcy in a state far larger than them AND their Russian / Cuban allies??

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