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Newt Gingrich: Trump vs. the swamp, Round III — Democrats turn to bureaucrats to stop POTUS

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Newt Gingrich has this to say about the “Fiduciary Rule” that ex-President Obama’s Labor Secretary, Tom Perez, pushed through before leaving office in spite of The Don’s order:

“Nothing about this rule is uncontroversial.  It would be the single largest government expansion over individual savings in four decades and the second-most expensive regulatory regime crafted in the last 12 years that doesn’t deal with environmental issues.”

These are what the Republicans should have kept a list of…the regulatory changes that ex-President instituted, many with illegal, overreaching language because he couldn’t pass power-grabbing bills without Congress.  Now we’re stuck with some of them until Republicans get their act together due to their lack of vision and foresight?

Drain the damn D.C. Swamp of ALL liberal bureaucrats Don!  They are a “national security risk” to the economy and The People’s welfare!

When Neil Gorsuch won long-overdue confirmation this month to serve on the United States Supreme Court, Republicans in turn won control of judiciary. This meant they led all three branches of the federal government – at least the three envisioned by our Founding Fathers – for the first time in a decade.

As a consequence, Democrats have pinned their hopes to stifle President Donald Trump’s pro-growth agenda on the unprecedented insurrection of an unchecked, de facto branch of government: the bureaucratic state.

Now that Alexander Acosta is confirmed as secretary of labor, President Trump has a better ability to reign in the bureaucracy.

Through executive orders, President Trump immediately began cutting needless red tape draped across the federal government by his predecessor. This led deliberately resistant entrenched civil servants to wage a campaign to subvert the administration’s clear intention of deregulation.

Consider this: In February, the president ordered the Department of Labor – previously run by Tom Perez, who is now the chairman of the Democratic National Committee –  to review and re-evaluate the implementation of the so-called fiduciary rule, a controversial Obama-era rule that would deny middle-class Americans access to sound investment advice.

The order’s intention was clear-as-day. It aimed to indefinitely delay or outright kill this bad rule before it could hurt middle class American investors. Instead, Perez’s faithful holdovers at the Department of Labor effectively expedited the rule with minimal changes. This was exactly the opposite of President Trump’s instructions.

Now, the department will make the rule effective on June 9, before completing the president’s review, and argued that “the Fiduciary rule and Impartial Conduct Standards … are among the least controversial aspects of the rulemaking process.”

Nothing about this rule is uncontroversial. It would be the single largest government expansion over individual savings in four decades and the second-most expensive regulatory regime crafted in the last 12 years that doesn’t deal with environmental issues.

The rule changes the law to give the Department of Labor direct authority over individual retirement accounts, which are already regulated by the Securities and Exchange Committee, the federal agency responsible for protecting investors. For the first time, IRAs would be pulled into a complex Labor Department system created 43 years ago to regulate employee pension and health plans. Seizing control over IRAs by the Labor Department leads to bigger government, less competition, fewer jobs, and diminished savings for the American worker.

Disingenuously marketed as a way to raise the standards of advice provided to retirement investors, the rule would result in the “orphaning” of most ordinary American savers, left to seek advice on saving for their golden years from an online computer program using algorithms no investor would know about or understand.

The rule has received extensive criticism from those who’ve historically regulated the securities market. Acting SEC Chair Michal Piwowar called the rule a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad rule,” adding that it was a “highly political” move that was “never about investor protection.”  President Trump and the Congress want the rule gone. Business wants the rule gone. Ordinary Americans want the rule gone.

But none of that matters to the bureaucratic state. They’ve lost the battle over the Supreme Court and the president’s cabinet. More than anything, the swamp wants to win this battle. That’s why it’s so important that President Trump and Secretary Acosta implement the president’s instructions in a timely way.

President Trump’s first order wasn’t enough to reign in Tom Perez’s faithful deputies, and only now did Senate Democrats stop obstructing Acosta’s confirmation.

So, the president and the secretary must work quickly to delay indefinitely or completely rescind the fiduciary rule under the secretary’s statutory authority.

More than that, the president needs to fully drain the swamp – especially by getting rid of the mutineers at the Department of Labor.


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  1. Angus Rangus April 30, 2017 at 8:25 AM -  Reply

    OLD GNU’s… literally, been going on since LBJ illegally created Medicare with 2 “trust fund” LIES… stopped funding Social Security to create 2 more “trust fund” LIES… and just plain LIED his Illegal Medicaid would never be more than $100 Million ‘temporary safety net’. {{Medicaid IS the Federal Budget DEFICIT… may surpass Medicare’s $600 BN spending last or this year..}}

    LBJ’s deficit financed ILLEGAL Great Society expanded GOVT… in less than a decade Dick Nixon’s ‘peace with honor’ to rid America of JFK/LBJ’s inept Vietnam War… meant Nixon was left drawing down a Military of 3.5 million – alongst with HUGE Federal Lackie.

    1. No Republican got to install new bureaucrats to the swollen bureaus…

    2. Wild Bill had 8 Monica years to replace the LBJ Great Society Commies … with his modern DNC Commies…

    3. GW Bush held tight NTE 5% budget growth in ANY Fed Dept… so even SSA was forced to improve productivity / technology to handle Baby Boomers ‘online’ – even adding those 170 million new Annual SS Wages/Benefits Statements in 2001!

    4. YEP… Commie BARAMA arrived to further glut the DC Money Laundry with street Commie THUGS… so-o-o-o emboldened with George Soros / Noam Chomsky / Valerie Jarrett / et al…

    NOW… President TRUMP has but one alternative…

    SHUTTER the list of Federal Depts Senator Ted Cruz provided during last years’ election… starting with Education…

    … and slice 25% of most every Federal Dept’s staffing that remains…

    … AND terminate all Public Employee Unions… as Emergency Budget Fulfillment!!

  2. Old Jim April 30, 2017 at 8:36 AM -  Reply


    Sadly our Federal GOVT DC Money Laundry… is more laughable than they commercial!

    Take Veterans Affairs…

    … simply eliminate as useless baggage by PRIVATIZING all those unfixable VA Hospitals – SIMPLY as the dirth of such for our Military Heroes of 50 years ago does not exist any more!! Give our Vets the same CHOICE our Federal Employees get to enroll on kiosks/portals in “any approved plan”… so we allow our Vets the same freedom of residence / medical treatments as other citizens get!!

    AND… simply continue honoring that 100% Lifetime Medical promise by allowing FREE Medicare Advantage level benefits when they become Seniors!! VOILA!

    Florida’s 2017/18 400 page Budget includes 1,079 EE’s and $136 MN for state Veterans Affairs… for our former ‘fed employee Military Vets’??

    1. 978 EE’s and $127 MN is 8 Assisted/Nursing Homes for 990 Vets – w/ 540 Alzheimers slots available in our 8 regional locations.

    2. 101 EE’s and $8.4 MN is the ‘advocate’ VA group with special Ed/Training programs.

    SO… with all the $$BNs wasted already on not serving our nation’s bravest and finest… we still leave it to the states to do the heavy lifting our Fed GOVT fails to do??

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