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Medicaid expansion to cost states nearly $9 billion

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We never hear the Left talk about the rising costs of Obamacare…never!  All we hear is the same fear mongering, their number one strategy, of how millions and millions of the destitute, children, disabled, seniors, and even illegal aliens will remain without any healthcare if we repeal Obamacare!  None of it the truth, of course.

So here are some numbers to chew on folks, and this is just one small part of Obamacare that addresses only the expansion costs of Medicaid, not total Medicaid expenditures, which is soon projected to surpass Medicare costs.  Remember, Medicare is partially paid for out of your monthly check and unlike Medicaid, is not an entitlement…no matter what the professional politicos tell you.


State spending for Medicaid expansion under Obamacare is expected to reach $8.5 billion in 2018, a $4 billion increase from 2016, according to a national report released Thursday.

The report, assembled annually by the National Association of State Budget Offices, or NASBO, shows that median general fund spending on Medicaid grew 2.7 percent in fiscal 2016 and is estimated to grow at 5.2 percent in fiscal 2017. That outpaces growth in median general fund revenue, which reached 2.4 percent in fiscal 2016 and 2.5 percent in fiscal 2017. Medicaid is a medical coverage program that is jointly funded by federal and state governments and is the second-largest part of state budgets. Prior to Obamacare, states varied in their requirements for Medicaid enrollees, such as covering only pregnant women or people with disabilities. The federal healthcare law attempted to create a more uniform definition by mandating that all states expand it to low-income residents, but a 2012 decision by the Supreme Court made expansion optional for states. As a result, 19 states have not expanded the program, meaning that coverage and government spending isn’t as high as it could be.

The federal government initially picked up the full cost of Medicaid expansion for many of the 31 expansion states and the District of Columbia, most of which pay for 5 percent of expansion beginning in 2017. The NASBO report reflects an increase in the state share, and states are expected to take on 10 percent of expansion by 2020.

NASBO found that taking on their share of Medicaid expansion will increase state spending on the program to $6.2 billion in fiscal 2017, after reaching $4.5 billion in 2016. The numbers reflect only the expansion amounts and not others who are covered under Medicaid, where the federal government assists less in the share of costs.

The $4.5 billion figure is a reflection of how some states, known as “early expansion states,” began the expansion earlier than the 2014 date set in the law, meaning that by 2016 they had already begun paying part of the share of expansion.

Federal funding on Medicaid expansion is expected to continue to grow, from $74.1 billion in fiscal 2016 to roughly $80.9 billion in fiscal 2017. It is projected to reach $83.3 billion in fiscal 2018.

Republicans in Congress are working on a healthcare bill that would roll back Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, allow states to implement work requirements and would set a fixed rate for federal spending on Medicaid rather than have it be open ended.


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  1. Angus Rangus June 15, 2017 at 7:00 AM -  Reply

    Consider a ‘state’ that chose not to ‘expand’ Federal Medicare…

    … FLORIDA will spend $34 Billion of its total $82 Billion State Budget for Medicaid!!

    That includes the $7 Billion voluntarily spent for ‘state supplements’… that every single state voluntarily set up … to expand the state administered Medicaid / (s)CHIP…
    … beyond Federal minimums for 1) Benefits provided to 2) Populations served!!

    So-o-o-o-o… since EVERY ‘state’ expanded beyond Federal minimums… we know the position all our states take on providing a basic ‘safety net’…
    … and have ZERO reason not to hand over that exclusive right of those ‘states’ to provide all “specific citizen welfare” for their citizens!!

    The cost savings would be tremendous… how many of you are getting your homes cleaned under Medicaid?? … and pay ZERO co-pay for your FREE Drugs / Dental / Vision??

    Hell, how many ‘workers’ even carry a Dental or Vision plan … as they are bled dry by our Federal GOVT Budget that is now 75% for items usurped illegally from our states exclusive rights for “specific citizen welfare”??

  2. Old Jim June 15, 2017 at 7:07 AM -  Reply


    … not let’s REGRESS… to how much that ‘expansion’ of 31 states — yep, we got GOP controlled states leaping into more FREE STUFF ALSO!!

    Kaleefornya… brags it signed up 12.3 million — meaning mostly on Medicaid!!
    $10,000 each … means $122 BILLION in total costs…
    … recently confirmed in articles of that ‘state’ proposing Single Payor KalCare for all 40 million ‘residents’
    {reasonable estimates put the ILLEGAL ALIEN ‘residents’ at 3 to 6 million… since Kaleefornya remains outside mandatory REAL ID 2005 implementation – we got no sharing of their DMV numbers!!}

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