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Legal victory in Washington for gun rights advocates

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BAM!  I’m sure the liberals in D.C. are sobbing and crying over this one!  They’ll probably bring Gabby Giffords into town to organize a protest march in front of the judges home!  I’m also sure that King Obama is already telling everybody that, “the judge got it all wrong because that is not what the 2nd Amendment is all about!”

He is, after all, the greatest constitutional scholar in the land…isn’t he?


A federal judge ruled Tuesday that people seeking a permit to carry concealed firearms in the US capital no longer need to provide “good reason” for doing so.

Judge Richard Leon ruled that the licensing screening is likely unconstitutional, a victory for gun rights advocates who favor loosening gun laws in the name of self-defense.

Washington has traditionally had one of the most stringent laws in the country regarding concealed carry permits, requiring individuals to justify the need to carry a gun in public.

Gun lobbies have pushed for years to strike that clause from legislation.

In his 46-page ruling, Judge Leon wrote that the clause likely violates the Second Amendment of the US constitution, because “the right to bear arms includes the right to carry firearms for self-defense both in and outside the home.”

Authorities in Washington may yet lodge an appeal against Leon’s ruling. He is the third judge to consider the case.

Under the capital’s rules, individuals granted the right to carry concealed arms must stow them under clothing in a bag, or in the glove compartment of a vehicle.


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  1. Old Jim May 18, 2016 at 7:24 AM -  Reply

    Considering SCOTUS found Washington DC’s gun laws violated 2nd Amendment in Heller 2008… FOR EXACTLY THE SAME REASON…

    … should surprise no one a “judge” might use that clarification to denounce the rigged ‘replacement law’ still violating 8 years later??

    Did SCOTUS actually clarify — as 9 states have since done – that only Constitutional Carry … allowing citizens to bear arms any way they please AFTER passing Federal Background Checks… is what Heller said eloquently??

    Note to Chicago… McDonald clarified it includes ALL political subdivisions!!

    100 million Americans denied basic 2nd Amendment in a 15 DemonKKKrat controlled states… and only 9 ‘states’ are fully compliant having eliminated the illegal license required for concealed or open carry as SCOTUS ruled is our basic right??

    DOJ has far more important work to do than worry about whose giggly bits are using which restrooms??


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