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Kimmel’s Woeful Ignorance About Americans’ Rights

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With all of the brouhaha in the media about Kimmel’s attack on Senator Cassidy, and him and his pal Senator Graham and their Health Care bill, I had to put this one up.

Jimmy Kimmel is a frickin comedian for God’s sake…nothing more.  Just like every comedian today, there are exceptions, and the rest of Hollywood and the entertainment world in general, he is liberal to the core and will push the socialist agenda…whether he understands our governing documents or not!

As I have always said, it’s sad that the amount and scope of media coverage these clueless people get to push their propaganda on The People is so “bigly” and dangerous because in the end, at least half of the country soak it up like a sponge…like what they spew is correct or accurate, or something!

Health care is not a “right” and will never be a “right” unless enshrined in our Constitution…which given a few more years, just might happen given the RINOs and socialists and communists we have sitting in The Swamp today.  Obamacare and Medicaid are indeed true medical entitlements that the federal government has no business operating.

And just for clarification, I am totally opposed to the Cassidy-Graham Health Care bill because it does not even attempt to fully repeal unconstitutional Obamacare as we were promised over the past seven years…See my blog posted yesterday “Obama’s ‘Real Human Suffering’”.

So what is the real story here?  Fake comedian Jimmy Kimmel is right not to like the Cassidy-Graham Health Care bill, but has no politically-correctidea on why he should!  He’s a frickin comedian for God’s sake…nothing more!


Whether leftist politicians and the Leftmedia admit it or not, ObamaCare stinks. It has not done what Barack Obama and Democrats all claimed that it would. Where is the more affordable health insurance? What happened to health care becoming more accessible? Where is the $2,500 in annual health insurance savings promised to American families? What of all those old insurance coverage plans Americans were supposed to be able to keep? And the guarantee that Americans could keep their doctors — boy was that a dozy. But rather than admit that the law has been and is a growing failure, Democrats and their cohorts in the media have pivoted and focused blame for the law’s failure on Republicans who are fighting to repeal it. This is akin to arguing that the reason a student failed his math test was because the teacher didn’t like his answers. In other words, Democrats seek to remove objectivity in favor of emotion-based subjectivity.

Health care policy expert Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel typified this mindset recently on his show when he decided to launch into another political rant against Senate Republicans for their latest attempt at an ObamaCare makeover. This is not new for Kimmel, but this time he specifically targeted Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy, who had previously been a guest on the show, saying that Cassidy had “lied right to my face” about his health care reform plan. Kimmel then laid out “facts” that were essentially talking points taken straight from the Democrats’ “Trump resistance” playbook. It was despicable for Kimmel to turn Cassidy’s good faith appearance and promise into a bludgeon, but that’s typical leftist behavior.

Remember, Kimmel once hosted a program called the “Man Show,” which consisted of little more than the sophomoric promotion and promulgation of misogynistic stereotypes. And this is the guy who has taken it upon himself to lecture America on morality? Please excuse our consternation. To be fair, Kimmel does have personal experience with a child who needed significant special medical attention. And the fact that he lives in a country with cutting edge medicine should be something he is thankful for. But Kimmel’s problem is that he fundamentally does not understand the difference between rights and entitlements.

In a free society, an individual has the right to seek after a service such as health care. That same individual does not have the right to demand that the service be rendered or that other people be forced to pay for it. It’s the seeking that is the right, not the obtaining. It’s the whole “pursuit of Happiness” bit espoused by the Declaration of Independence. Democrats and the Left have long conflated these two separate and distinct concepts.

What if we were to apply to the Second Amendment the same concept of “rights” Democrats apply to health care? Americans everywhere would be demanding that the government provide them with a firearm. But it wouldn’t stop there. The government would also be obligated to provide the ammunition necessary for the operation of the firearm, as well as holsters, cases, cleaning kits and so on. What about those Americans who might object to owning a firearm? Would they be forced to accept or pay taxes for others to be guaranteed the right of bearing arms? By Jimmy Kimmel’s logic, yes. But something tells us that “logic” doesn’t apply across the board. No, it only applies when a millionaire misogynist playboy can lecture the rest of us on his pet issue.


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