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Jeff Sessions to appeal latest Hawaii travel ban decision to Supreme Court

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Okay, I am all on it now…Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the wrong person for the heavy job ahead!

His response to a District Court judge in Hawaii is so weak and comes across to me as whining… “Boo, hoo, hoo, you can’t do that and I’m going to tell the Supreme Court on you!”

Really Jeffy Boy?  That’s it?  How about this?

Reverse the roles here.  Direct the Department of Homeland Security and its Transportation Security Administration that they are to enforce the travel ban throughout America, including Hawaii, as originally written and subsequently approved by the Supreme Court…period.

What will the District Court judge do?  What will Hawaii politicos do?  They will have to appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Given that court is also uber-liberal and Hawaii may win in that forum also, continue enforcing the ban as approved by the Supreme Court and let them take it all the way up for the final appeal to the Supreme Court!

Until then, you and The Don are doing what we put you RINOs in office to do!

Get it Jeffy Boy?


Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Friday the Justice Department will appeal the latest decision by a Hawaii District Court to limit the scope of President Trump’s travel ban, and blasted the court for “micromanag[ing] the decisions of the coequal executive branch.”

“[T]he district court has improperly substituted its policy preferences for the national security judgments of the executive branch in a time of grave threats, defying both the lawful prerogatives of the Executive Branch and the directive of the Supreme Court,” Sessions said.

Sessions said the court “undermined national security, delayed necessary action, created confusion, and violated a proper respect for separation of powers.”

The Justice Department will now turn again to the Supreme Court, Sessions said, calling having to do so something the Trump administration will do “reluctantly.”

The judge in Hawaii ruled Thursday night that Trump’s interpretation of the travel ban goes too far in banning family members from the United States.

Trump implemented the ban to allow people with close family ties to the U.S. enter from the six countries covered by the ban: Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. But it said grandparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters in law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins don’t qualify.


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