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Iowa Passes Massive Expansion of Gun Rights, More States to Follow?

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Kaboom…the Hawkeye State getting its act together!  Hey Maryland, California, D.C. Swamp, and all you other liberal bastions, are you rethinking your illegal gun laws and regulations yet?

As Angus Rangus has already told us…federal authorities, The Don and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, need to enforce the laws as already ruled upon by the Supreme Court and take the anti-constitutional politicos out to the wood shed for some ass-woopin’!


Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R) signed a bill into law Thursday that drastically increases rights for gun owners in the state, including an expansion of the controversial “stand your ground” provision. The move may set into motion a push for looser gun laws across the nation.

The legislation, called House File 517, grants Iowans the rights to defend themselves using force, even “deadly force,” in public if they feel threatened. A citizen can be mistaken about the threat so long as he can prove there was “a reasonable basis” for his actions – a move that some believe shifts the burden of proof off of defendants.

The law also expands the rights of citizens to sue the government if they feel their Second Amendment rights are threatened by local ordinances or gun-free zones. Also, leaving a conceal-carry permit at home will no longer be considered a misdemeanor so long as the gun owner can produce it at a later date.

Opponents are concerned the new bill, which the NRA endorsed as part of the “nationwide movement to expand law-abiding citizens’ [Second Amendment] rights,” will put more people in danger.

“‘Stand your ground’ is pretty problematic from a public safety standpoint. It was opposed by prosecutors; criminal prosecutors are concerned about their ability to pursue justice against people who have wrongly used legal force,” Hannah Shearer, attorney at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, told FOX Business.

Republicans have control of both houses of the Iowa state government for the first time since 1998, which allowed them to pass such sweeping changes to gun laws. The GOP has steadily built up majorities in state legislatures across the nation since 2009, now controlling 67 of the 98 partisan legislative chambers. With Republicans in control of both houses across many state governments, Iowa could be part of a new thrust toward a more pro-firearm stance nationwide.

In fact, a “stand your ground” bill will be debated on the Minnesota House floor in May. In Florida, where Republicans control both chambers, the state Senate is debating an update to its “stand your ground” standard that would fully flip the burden of proof to prosecutors in shooting and assault cases.

The new law in Iowa will permit minors to legally use guns so long as they are accompanied by a guardian, effective immediately. It also allows people with permits to bring concealed guns into the state capitol building and eliminates the ability of the state to ban the possession of weapons during emergencies.

Most pieces of the bill are set to go into effect on July 1.


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  1. Angus Rangus April 14, 2017 at 8:33 AM -  Reply

    UPDATE on that ‘Florida Senate debating expanding “stand your ground”…

    … it passed yesterday on pure party line vote of 22 – 15 (2 GOP didn’t vote).

    The uproar from the Commie LEFT??

    Florida’s bill clarified the prosecutorial abuse by Commie DNC Prosecutors/Judges who were requiring defendants ‘prove’ they were ‘standing their ground’…

    … rather than the legal requirement in all other criminal prosecutions that the state bears responsibility for proving your guilt – or that you weren’t acting in self-defense specifically!

    All the drama that should have been rectified years ago… Heller 2008 and McDonald 2010 should have more than 15 states deleting any state requiring citizens without ‘gun rights suspended’ from paying a license for Concealed Carry!!

    Iowa… IF you have but forgot to bring with you … ??

    Florida… one really gets a good laugh reviewing the bios of our 15 DNC solids!!

    8 Blacks – including Haitian,etc. ‘transplants’ – of various “professional communal organizing” orgs. — Guess which RACE was most prolific in getting ‘shafted’ by “the man” on Stand Your Ground in Florida the past decade??

    3 Jews – do we ever see a Republican of that faith??

    1 Hispanic Miami ‘lawyer’ / an “enviro” activist / CEO of FL District School Superintendents assn /

    You want a parade of insane corrupt public officials refusing to read / acknowledge / enforce the simple clarity of SCOTUS on you 2nd Amendment inalienable right bestowed upon you by your Creator ??

    Yep, that Che Guevara Blood In The Streets Revolution is coming to your neighborhood…

    … can we hope the little fat Commmie in northern Korea is vaporized before we have to use our Military at home to restore order??

  2. Old Jim April 14, 2017 at 8:36 AM -  Reply

    For the sake of pure ‘political example’…

    … the bill for clarifying once again Florida’s STAND YOUR GROUND – expanding the old Castle Doctrine –

    … if ONE PAGE!!

    NOW… hello Mitch / Paul/ Donald

    … REPEAL should be the same ONE PAGE!!

  3. Old Jim April 14, 2017 at 8:41 AM -  Reply

    Florida has 14 bills filed this year dealing with clarifying our state’s misguided usurpation of citizen rights bestowed by our Creator via the 2nd Amendment.

    Not a single removed our state’s requirement of being background checked and license fee paid for Concealed Carry!! {altho one reduces the fees charged…}

    I’ll summarize the one’s GOV Rick Scott signs…

    … like allowing a Church to allow guns IF it wants to…
    … like requiring a business to be legally liable for any injuries you suffer IF they are ‘gun-free’…

    LAWYERS… why do so-o-o-o many give up lucrative careers of graft and corruption to be politicians ??

    OOPS… asked and answered in the same sentence??

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