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Hillary Clinton takes aim at Sean Spicer, Bill O’Reilly in speech

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This is “out of the woods”…a speech in San Francisco at a Professional Business Women of California conference?  Well, I guess it about as safe as a “safe zone” can get, huh?  Is there any chance that we can find out how much the ladies there in San Francisco paid her for her barking?

The big news here folks?  The rumor is that Hillbilly is possibly considering a run for New York City mayor!  How befitting!  New York City deserves her!  Have fun!

Woof, woof!  Damn dog!


Hillary Clinton got political during her latest public speech on Tuesday saying that despite the “nasty things” being said about her, “you just have to keep going.”

She was speaking at a Professional Business Women of California conference in San Francisco focused on gender equality.

The failed 2016 presidential candidate received a standing ovation when she walked on stage. She began the speech quipping, “I am thrilled to be out of the woods and in the company of so many women.”

“There’s no other place I’d rather be in the world than with you, other than the White House,” she added. Clinton also took aim at the Trump administration, noting that women’s representation at the federal level is the lowest its been in a generation.

Later in her speech, Clinton cited and condemned examples of sexism.

She brought up President Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer, who she said earlier on Tuesday “patronized and cut off” April Ryan, a White House reporter for American Urban Radio Networks. He told her during the press briefing to stop shaking her head while he answered her question.

Clinton also referred to a “racist joke” from Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly, who sparked controversy for joking on the air about Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters’ hair, which he said looked like a “James Brown wig.”

Clinton then turned to her own election battle against Trump last year.

“It’s not like I didn’t know the nasty things they were saying about me,” Clinton said. “But you just have to keep going.”

Though she didn’t mention Trump, during the campaign, he called his political rival a “nasty woman” during a debate performance.

She also slammed the failed Republican attempt in the House to get a vote on a repeal-and-replace Obamacare and hinted at the future, saying, “I will never stop speaking out for common-sense benefits.” Trying what is perhaps a new slogan, looking ahead to the 2018 midterms, Clinton imparted some advice to gathering of women leaders, saying: “Resist. Insist. Persist. Enlist.”

It was Clinton’s first major public speech since an appearance at an event in Scranton, Pa., on March 17, when she hinted at a political comeback.

“I am ready to come out of the woods,” Clinton said. “And to help shine a light on what is already happening around kitchen tables, at dinners like this, to help draw strength that will enable everybody to keep going.”

There have been numerous reports in recent weeks that Clinton is eyeing a run for New York City mayor, but nothing is confirmed yet.


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  1. Old Jim March 30, 2017 at 8:07 AM -  Reply

    BILLARY cannot be more Communisto …
    … than the current Bill de Blasio HAS BEEN??

    Go back to 1994’s resounding defeat of BILLARYcare… a Single Payor Scam??

    MMA 2003 cleaned up the mess Wild Bill and BILLARY made of Medicare…
    … eliminating 57 ‘fiscal intermediaries’ by privatizing using 15 insurance service firms as Medicare Administration Contractors…
    … rewriting the awful mess of Clinton Medicare regs – so terrible not a single one of the 70 individuals indicted for “Medicare Fraud” were found guilty of any criminal conduct!!

    Altho vetoed several times to dilute any real semblance of rigidity… Wild Bill’s ONLY legacy remains “work for welfare”?? AND 54 Military Deployments totally destroying Kosovo’s 53 bridges – TWICE… along with Chinese Embassy / UN Refugee Camp / Refugee Train / Mid-East Aspirin Factory… and Monica’s Bleu Dress??

    Senile and a medical wreck… yep, GNU Yoak Shitty deserves this beatch weatch??

  2. Angus Rangus March 30, 2017 at 8:09 AM -  Reply

    Perhaps BILLARY should practice writing Bill O’Reilly’s name in the snow…

    … just to check her gusto and artistry BEFORE ‘running’ for any office??

  3. Angus Rangus March 30, 2017 at 8:09 AM -  Reply


    … is what happens WHEN you avoid the Firing Squad she deserved for TREASON!!

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