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Here’s what polls say about a transgender military ban

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Okay…take a look at these two polls and tell me who is right!  President Trump or “War Hark” RINO Johnny McCain?

The only poll that should count when it comes to messing with our military, is the poll conducted of military members…period.

Anybody up there in the D.C. Swamp happen to know if Johnny-Boy McCain is familiar with these polls?  Are active-duty military members, retirees, and veterans happy that Johnny-Boy, as Chairman of the Senate’s Armed Services Committee, doesn’t care about your opinion or what you think?

What a bum!


A poll conducted less than one month prior to President Trump’s decision on Wednesday to reverse an Obama-era policy that allowed transgender individuals to serve openly in the military found more people opposed than supported it.

Rasmussen surveyed 1,000 likely voters on the topic in late June, almost exactly one year after then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the shift last summer.

“The U.S. Department of Defense now allows transgender people, those who identify with and want to live as the opposite sex, to serve openly in the military,” the survey said. “Is this decision good for the military, bad for the military or does it have no impact?”

Only 23 percent of people surveyed responded that it was good, while 31 percent said it was bad. The largest bloc of respondents, 38 percent, said it has no impact.

As the Washington Examiner reported earlier today, a Military Times poll conducted last December found 41 percent of active-duty troops believed the policy hurt military readiness, while only 12 percent said it helped.


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  1. OId Jim July 27, 2017 at 8:12 AM -  Reply

    … tend to find what the POLL FUNDER …
    … hired the POLLSTER to FIND!!??

    24/7/365… the DNC controls the minds of Americans from birth thru death…

    … Education
    … Medical
    … Lawyers
    … Entertainment
    … Sports
    … Media

    HOW can we actually EVER elect a GOP member to any national office… with this rainbow emulsion applied constantly??

    IF you hate red-haired Irish ladies… THAT is your inalienable right!!

    We shall step in IF you push your right to such hatred … to harm Maureen O’Hara’s fellow Irish reds!

    NOTICE how exactly did RAND discover thru ‘exhaustive study’…
    … our Military could have 6,500 Trannies…
    … has the morally bankrupted Pentagon over the past decade become a magnet for such mental disorders??

  2. Angus Rangus July 27, 2017 at 8:17 AM -  Reply


    IF that former Ft. Hood Army Officer… Nadal Malik Hasan… now believes from his paraplegic’s mindview he is really a ‘lady’ …
    … I’ll personally sever his sexual organs claiming otherwise…
    … 20 seconds before the Firing Squad sends his cretin JIHAD ass to hell!!

    VOILA… killed three birds with one stone??

    OH… wait…
    … our Military has been pressing so hard to go total RAINBOW…
    … it hasn’t actually performed a Death Penalty from Military Death Row …
    … for over 60 years??

    Think about what that really says about the USA being the only SuperPower available to allow Freedom and Democracy to survive on this planet??

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