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Hawaii woman’s dog shot, killed at Honolulu airport

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This story was sent for posting to the blog by my good friend Ago Zanon.

As we all are aware, there is a lot of prejudice against pit bulls because of isolated stories we hear now and again.  Many of us are also aware that in many cases, it is the fault of the owner who has no clue how to appropriately train and manage these dogs!  All the facts are not in, so let’s hold judgment on who is at fault on this one.

And by the way, this incident comes from ex-President Obama’s home state, Hawaii, the one where they do not believe that laws must be followed if they disagree with them.  So right off the bat…it has two strikes against it. 

My bet?  Owner’s fault.


A heartbroken woman is demanding to know why an airport security officer had to shoot and kill her dog in Hawaii this week.

Kaiele, a 2-year-old pit bull, was shot in the head Tuesday evening at Honolulu International Airport. Leisha Ramos says she was holding her 5-month-old baby and was trying unsuccessfully to hold the dog when he was shot.

“I was just in shock,” Ramos said. “He was such a sweetheart. He never attacked anybody.”

Ramos told KHON-TV she and her boyfriend Jadd Matsuda flew in from Big Island. Kaiele was tied to a tree. She said the officer came up to them as they were putting luggage in the car.

She said the officer told them the dog didn’t belong there and they had to leave. She said he took out his gun.

“My boyfriend was telling him, ‘What are you going to do? Shoot my dog?’ And my dog was chained,” Ramos told the station.

She said the chain broke and she held onto the other end.

“I’m holding him, holding (my baby) at the same time,” she said. “Finally, he just pulls. He’s running to my boyfriend to see if he’s okay. He gets shot. He wasn’t running aggressively. His tail was still wagging.”

Ramos said Kaiele was running to her boyfriend, not the officer.

She said after the shooting the officer called over the radio that shots were fired and walked away.

“That’s all he did, walked away, and I’m screaming, ‘You shot my dog!’, trying to hold his head up from bleeding, but he died instantly. I thought he got tased or something. I didn’t think it was an actual handgun,” Ramos said.

The officer told the station over the phone that he was just doing his job, and that “I’m terribly sorry that you lost that dog.” KHON did not identify the officer.

The Department of Public Safety confirmed Wednesday that an investigation is underway but did not release further details.

 ”It would be premature to release findings until the investigation is complete,” the department said in a statement.

The officer’s employer, Securitas Security Services, did not respond to questions about the incident.


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  1. Old Jim April 3, 2017 at 8:33 AM -  Reply

    Here’s what we do know…

    … the FBI will not ID an avowed ISIS Islamofascist JIHAD Terrorist in Alaska…
    … and send him with his double stack 9mm to Honolulu!!

    BECAUSE Havaii is one of 15 states failing to implement the elimination of 2nd Amendment violations clarified so distinctly in Heller 2008 and McDonald 2010!!

    Havaii has only found 143 of its over million citizens ‘acceptable’ to need any firearms on their person??

    The pit bull lady owner couldn’t tell the difference from a 9mm gun blast versus a taser?? THAT might be the answer to why the dog chain broke … AND the Securitas Security Services employee felt he had to act.

    I have not yet received approval for my “komodo dragon therapy” companion… just guessing we might skip taking Kaneechiwawa on our Oahu trip??

    Curiously, our local County Sheriff’s Deputies provide all the airport security everywhere I’ve seen in Florida… using private ‘foreign sounding’ companies might be a tad underwhelming for this task??

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