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Gun rights activists are on a political roll with four recent wins

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I’m sure this story will garner a little bit of feedback!

The Second Amendment to the Constitution has been ruled upon several times at the Supreme Court and the rulings are now clear…it does indeed protect the right of the people to keep and bear arms!  But as we have seen, local politicos and justices simply can’t keep their hands off of this guaranteed right!

Any state and city that cannot accept the rulings and actively pursue anti-Second Amendment policies should be punished!  As with immigration, the law is the law!

The new efforts to restore this right under The Don by reversing some of Obama’s ridiculous and illegal actions is again…a start, but we need to finish it and bury the arguments once and for all!


Second Amendment advocates are on a bit of a political roll recently, with four major victories in just one week.

House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled an anti-gun healthcare proposal from consideration; the governor of North Dakota signed a bill letting residents carry a firearm without a permit; New Mexico lawmakers defeated a gun registry bill and the Supreme Court ruled for a defendant whom a gun rights group had supported.

“It gives us a lot of hope,” Erich Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, said to Fox News. “We just spent the past eight years on the defensive. Now we are playing offensive ball.”

In Washington, House Speaker Ryan, under pressure from the Freedom Caucus, withdrew the GOP healthcare bill, often referred to as “ObamaCare Lite.” Many in Congress opposed the plan, including the Gun Owners of America (GAO). The GOA had requested three changes in the bill: that insurance companies be prohibited from discriminating against gun owners; that doctors not create a de facto gun registry by entering patients’ gun information into a federal database; and that agencies not be able to troll Medicaid and federal health databases in order to send names to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) “gun ban” list.

In North Dakota, the governor signed a GOA-backed bill to make the state the 14th in the country to allow residents to carry a firearm with a permit.

In New Mexico, a committee of the state legislature rejected a Michael Bloomberg-endorsed proposal for universal background checks. New Mexico’s sheriffs opposed the bill, which would have registered virtually every gun sale in the state — and banned virtually every private transfer of weapons that did not first get permission from the government.

The biggest victory came from the Supreme Court, which decided in favor of a man whose lawyers argued that there had been a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights, which protect citizens from unreasonable search and seizure. His lawyers argued that the Fourth Amendment protected their client not just during an arrest but after an indictment and arraignment. The Supreme Court, in a 6-2 opinion, agreed with the position of the GOA, which had filed amicus brief with the high court.

Gun owners may soon have more reasons to celebrate. The House voted to repeal a gun ban for veterans, and the bill’s prospects in the Senate appear good.

“It’s very encouraging,” Pratt said to Fox News. “People are very optimistic.”

“Certainly gun owners are encouraged by what is coming up.”


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  1. Old Jim April 5, 2017 at 7:25 AM -  Reply

    We are now up to 14 or 15 ‘states’ …
    … who read the clear language of Heller 2008 and McDonald 2010 where SCOTUS clarified for any with a 9th grade education to comprehend:

    1. It IS an inalienable right of every citizen to keep and bear arms…

    2. those arms are those normally and customarily available and used by American citizens for sport, art, investment, defense, etc. … as they see fit…

    3. ‘states’ and other GOVT units do not have any right to supercede the Federal GOVT in this Constitutional ‘inalienable right’!!

  2. Angus Rangus April 5, 2017 at 7:29 AM -  Reply


    … we have 14 or 15 states allowing full Constitutional Carry — ie, require no license nor registration permission to do so as they please…

    … and we have a similar 15 who openly and wantonly violate with impunity the SCOTUS clarity of our 2nd Amendment that our Dept of Justice has abjectly and miserably failed for past 8 years to enforce??

    … including the losers Chicago and Washington DC… whose ‘replacement’ gun control ordinances remain as ILLEGAL as what SCOTUS ruled on that long ago??

    ??? DO WE REMAIN A REPUBLIC / DEMOCRACY / Nation of Laws… ???

  3. uniwersity of barsoom at helium grad April 5, 2017 at 7:39 AM -  Reply

    NOTE… when ‘states’ act to implement Federal LAW …
    … or “multi-state compacts”…

    … we see the similar listing of about 33 who address the subject matter and actually implement according to that trigger??

    Shutting off Federal Funds…
    … seems absolutely the only Executive Action our President TRUMP can use …
    … to get the other 15-17 on board??

    What is happening in those 20 ‘middle ground’ states …
    … whose state legislatures continue “lawyering”… going thru the motions of playing around the silly frilly fringe of “2nd Amendment Rights”…
    … without a single bill filed for true Constitutional Carry??

    I’ll put Florida in that group!! Yep, altho rated ‘top 5’ by NRA for ‘concealed carry’… $130 for 7 year licensing …
    … our state legislature has the same RINO problem – specifically we got the “35% Conservative Miami-Dade County GOP…
    … refusing to allow “their committee” to hear gun control bills overwhelming that would pass a full Senate vote!!

    AND our Senate President – JOE NEGRON… self-described ‘libertarian’… and his political officeholding spouse… are fond of having photo-ops using other folks guns to get out the GOP vote…
    … before giving the PB Post that interview to clarify neither ever personally owned a gun in their life.

    How many of you would feel compelled to tell anyone you don’t have a gun… or put that NO GUNS HERE signage in your front yard??

    Dept of Justice has a lot of work to do… can we start with Havaii not allowing but 143 citizens to use a firearm for self-defense??

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