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Freedom Caucus’ list of demands

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So finally we get some meat about what it is the House Freedom Caucus is demanding from leadership and the President for their support in passing the American Health Care Act.  Not being an expert, I am not clear on the implications of each demand, what it would do to the “health care entitlement” of the act…fiscally, premium costs, enrollment, etc.

For my support of the bill, it would have to be complete and utter repeal of Obamacare and back to the ways of a health care system that was working fine before liberals and ex-President Obama came on the scene and destroyed it with their midnight passing of Obamacare…We had to read the bill before we knew what was in it.

“Repeal” of Obamacare is what Republicans have been promising for the last 6-7 years, but now they have effectively highjacked that promise and changed history, saying that they promised the American people to “repeal and replace”.  Not so!  And nobody in the media, right or left, has even questioned the position.

Scrap the American Health Care Act and let Obamacare continue its demise!  The Don says he is ready to move on…so am I.


The House Freedom Caucus is asking a lot from the White House to support the bill to partially repeal and replace Obamacare.

A planned amendment from the Freedom Caucus that leaked Thursday outlined what the conservative caucus wants changed in the American Health Care Act. The caucus wants to repeal a majority of Obamacare’s insurance regulations.

The caucus’ demands in the amendment include:

Repealing the ban on lifetime limits: Obamacare requires insurers cannot put an annual or lifetime dollar limit on spending for healthcare services that are not considered essential health benefits.

Repealing rating restriction requirements under Obamacare: These restrictions limit how much an insurer can charge their premiums to an individual or a business to only be based on factors such as health status, age, tobacco use and gender, according to the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.

Before Obamacare, each insurer had their own way of determining premiums and each state had different laws that regulate the ratings, Kaiser said.

Repealing the essential health benefits: The White House has reportedly put this one on the table.

The essential health benefits are 10 healthcare conditions that insurance plans have to cover. They include hospitalization, maternity care and mental health or addiction treatment.

Repealing standardized documents: This provision would repeal an Obamacare requirement that benefit and coverage sheets on insurance plans are standardized. The goal is to make comparing plans easier, as all benefit sheets have the same information.

Cutting preventive health service coverage: This would repeal the requirement for insurers to fully cover preventive services such as birth control. The requirements were put in place by Obamacare to address a gender disparity in healthcare, as women pay more than men for insurance.

Stopping the medical loss ratio requirement: Obamacare requires that an insurer spend 85 percent of premiums on medical claims and the rest on administrative costs.

Eliminating single risk pool: The amendment would repeal the rule that requires insurers to use a single risk pool for all Obamacare-compliant plans. Insurers have to use the same premium rating factors for everyone in the risk pool, according to the think tank Commonwealth Fund.

On the individual market, which includes Obamacare’s exchanges and is used by people who don’t get insurance through work, insurers have to maintain a single risk pool for an entire state. This means they can’t create a separate pool for higher-risk and sicker people.

It remains unclear whether all of the parts in the amendment, which was first reported by the Washington Post, would be adopted. GOP leadership is already worried about whether cutting all of Obamacare’s insurance regulations could cost moderate support and get through Senate rules.


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  1. Angus Rangus March 24, 2017 at 8:21 AM -  Reply

    Yesterday marked an even LOWER threshold of making changes no one will even read BEFORE voting today?? NannyState Pelosi is alive and well… living in the body of Speaker Paul Ryan??

    Consider one element alleged… they keep BARAMAcare’s .9% ‘feelthy reech basterd’ Medicare tax – to continue funding maternity, et al??

    OK… so Tiger Woods made a $$Billion… and his ‘premium’ would now be 4.2% or $42 million in ‘medicare payroll taxes’?

    1. Medicare was not ‘welfare’… we were supposed to pay a ‘premium’ of a given % of income to a base maximum – even then the higher income workers were subsidizing the lower income workers!!

    2. NOW… the ‘feelthy reech basterds’ have no base income maximum AND get a ‘feelthy reech basterd’ tax of .9% on top of that??

    3. AND… drumroll for those missing how far LEFT the GOP had drifted…
    … Tiger Woods is forbidden from actually enrolling and using Medicare…
    … because ‘feelthy reech basterds’ are not allowed to use Medicare due to being ‘feelthy reech basterds’???

    REPEAL …

    …. because we voted you in with your express explanation in 2010 on that BARAMAcare is not Constitutuional – only ‘states’ have the authority to regulate HealthCare / Insurance / Septic Tank cleanouts / et al!!

    … AND you promised you’d return to normal rules of actually passing the 12 Appropriations Bills those Commie DemonKKKrats forced you into doing ‘reconciliation’ to avoid ‘shutting down GOVT’??

    You are either a person of Integrity… or you are not!!

    NOW, you understand WHY we have to shutter that 75% of the DC Money Laundry that resides outside the clear US Constitution ‘enumeration of powers’ our Founders took a decade to distill into easy Engleesh??

  2. Old Jim March 25, 2017 at 8:21 AM -  Reply

    NO “State” did not ever have any restriction on selecting elements we now hear claimed are ‘essential’:

    1. Single community rating pool… This is the DNC ‘communal’ outreach to income redistribute from lower cost rural areas to higher metro areas! Florida’s Panhandle now pays for South Florida’s outrageous medical costs.

    “States” chose to ‘community rate’ on geographical average cost similarities… how is that different than charging ‘higher west of the rockies’ when actual commodity cost is simply driven by local factors??

    Meantime, the same ‘federal regulators’ find it perfectly acceptable to allow ‘non-profit MD owned hospitals’ to disallow Medicare Advantage customers to ‘cross county lines’ to artificially steal that revenue for their ‘non-profit bottom lines’??

    2. Maternity… Why do you thank most ‘states’ chose to add a maternity rider for those in this cost blown up healthcare model of needing HD Video every month of the pregnancy as ‘really cool’ to share on Facebook??

    3. Exchanges… What health insurer – of America’s world class group of 1,500 don’t already have access online / independent or company agency marketing groups??

    So-o-o-o… for an industry that is in the lowest quartile of profitability – 2% net profit range – you add in 8% of artificial, totally unnecessary burden??

    Wonder why Aetna chose not to join their domicile state of Connecticut’s ‘exchange’??

    HEY… the average regulator costs for ‘states’ was 4% – included the administrative costs and specific industry taxes??

    WHERE was their EVER any potential savings from this discarded DNC pulp from the wastebaskets of the last 30 years by ‘nationalizing’ one sixth of the US economy??

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