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Former President Obama endorsed French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron in his race against National Front leader Marine Le Pen Thursday.

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Hmmm…the “ex-Destructor-in-Chief” getting involved in elections outside of the United States, again, just as he did in Israel huh? 

Obama says of his French, liberal pal Emmanuel Macron… “The success of France matters to the entire world?  He has stood up for liberal values?”

Therein lies the problem with Obama’s choice!  The only time the success of France matters to the entire world is when they are in trouble, as they are today.  Their country is no longer recognizable as one of the West, but more like a conquered nation that submitted to Muslim influence and violence decades ago!  Walk the streets around Paris today and see what I mean!

And why is that?  Because of liberal values espoused in Europe and by socialist liberals here in the United States…Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Party!  Things like diversity, globalism, and open borders instead of policies that assist in the enforcement of national identity.

France is a basket case and has already lost the battle of national identity and national security!  The voters there should be skeptical about who Obama endorses and think about why he is doing it!  Just a possible reason…it supports his globalism, open border legacy, a big failure in the United States!


In a video circulated on Twitter, Obama said Macron advances liberal values that are important to France and doesn’t appeal to people’s fears. That was an apparent shot at Le Pen, who has run on a far-right, nationalist platform that saw her finish second in the vote last month.

She and Macron, who finished first in the first round, went into a runoff election that will culminate in a vote on Sunday.

Obama said he doesn’t want to get involved in many elections, but the French one was different.

“The success of France matters to the entire world,” he said.

“He has stood up for liberal values. He put forward a vision for the important role France plays in Europe and around the world and he is committed to a better future for the French people,” Obama said. “He appeals to people’s hopes, not their fears.”


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  1. Angus Rangus May 5, 2017 at 9:17 AM -  Reply

    Birds of a Commie feather… flock together in the same LIES!

    Is it Historical Revisionism…
    … when you have Bill Ayers do your auto-biographical LIES…
    … then dip deeply into the same $$$honey pot$$$ to expose some of your truth about being Queer (when they want us to use the inclusive overall rather than speculate about which LBGTQI-PAB)… sexually perverse… immoral to the core??

    FRANCE has gone too far to change course… it shall be a Muslim Caliphate in a decade or less??

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