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Federal court rules for Marine in whistleblower retaliation case

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Remember this one?  The original story about a pending trial for this poor major was on the blog some time ago.  Never heard anything about it after that.  I thought that perhaps the military had come to their senses and the story just kind of …faded away.

Well, looks like they didn’t come to their senses and they discharged him, honorably.  But that’s not what he wanted, apparently, and he and his law team are going to get a new trial.

Take a look at what the charges are!  Sound familiar…again?  I seem to recall that there once was a presidential candidate who had committed similar but much worse crimes, and crimes on a much grander scale, than Major Brezler, and that candidate was never charged and prosecuted.

Will the Navy move forward with its case, or will it drop it?  Will Major Brezler’s defense team use the Hillary Defense strategy for the email and the retention of classified information on his computer charges?

Will he win this time if he has to go back to trial…as he should?


A federal judge has overturned a decision to discharge a Marine reservist after he was accused of using an unclassified email account to send a warning about an Afghan official.

The ruling on Tuesday, first reported by the Marine Corp Times, comes nearly three years after a Marines Corps board of inquiry recommended that Maj. Jason Brezler be honorably discharged. The decision allowed Brezler to keep his benefits, though he was denied the honor of wearing the uniform

Brezler had warned fellow Marines in August 2012 about an Afghanistan police chief who was linked to the Taliban and was an alleged child molester, days before one of the suspect’s alleged victims killed three Marines.

He was accused of sending classified information over an unclassified network because he allegedly used an improper email account to pass on the warning, and later of retaining classified information on his computer.

“This is a stunning rebuke of the fundamentally unjust proceedings to which this decorated Marine was subjected for over three years,” Brezler’s attorney, Michael Bowe, said in a statement.

In his decision, U.S. District Judge Joseph Bianco in New York, wrote that he was not ruling on whether the board of inquiry was an act of retaliation, but that the Navy did not provide Brezler with all relevant documents, which “clearly prevented Major Brezler from fully and fairly litigating his retaliation claims.”

“The Judge correctly found that highly relevant documents and information were withheld from the defense, that the excuses for doing so were ‘completely unsupported’, and that Major Brezler was ‘completely deprived . . . of any meaningful opportunity’ to rebut critical claims,” Bowe said in his statement. 

The case now goes back to the Secretary of the Navy for a new trial.


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  1. Angus Rangus December 8, 2016 at 7:11 AM -  Reply

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    NOW… how is one to know when it is them… the NSA dropping in… or North Korea hacking ??

    RELATED?? How cum Ben Carson is not ‘qualified’ for HUD Leadership as he never worked in that Generational Poverty Welfare Entitlementor ‘housing field’…

    .. BUT the same Commie Left is outraged Defense and Homeland Security would dare call upon our best and brightest Military Heroes to provide that leadership??

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    Consider again how influential DC To Boston Commie Media Values has negatively impacted our nation…
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    It starts with TRUTH… a little can go a long, long way to solving the OBVIOUS crapola our nation is infected with!!

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