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EPA Rolling Back Obama’s ‘Clean Water Act’

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Finally gittin’ it done…Yeehaw!

And here’s a suggestion for the Department of Homeland Security…How about adding the Sierra Club to the list of U.S. Domestic Terrorist Organizations?

Alphabetically, that would place it after the “Phineas Priesthood” and before the “Symbionese Liberation Army”…a spot well-deserved!


On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency began acting on Donald Trump’s campaign promise to repeal the 2015 “Waters of the United States” regulation. The controversial and onerous regulation created by Barack Obama’s EPA commissars essentially stretched the definition of “water way” to encompass almost any and every source of surface water, no matter how small. The draconian regulation enacted one of the largest governmental power grabs in the nation’s history, severely infringing the private property rights of Americans all across the country.

The first step in what the EPA says will be a two-step process will be a rollback of the Obama regulations and a return to 2008 standards. The second step will be to create new waterway regulations designed to preserve the property rights of Americans, as well as protect business interests and the environment. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt stated, “We are taking significant action to return power to the states and provide regulatory certainty to our nation’s farmers and businesses.” He continued, “This is the first step in the two-step process to redefine ‘waters of the U.S.’ and we are committed to moving through this re-evaluation to quickly provide regulatory certainty, in a way that is thoughtful, transparent and collaborative with other agencies and the public.”

Predictably, ecofascist groups shouted their outrage at the EPA’s announcement, suggesting that Trump was primarily interested in promoting business at the expense of the environment. “It goes without saying that the Trump administration doesn’t care about the environment, public health, or its duty to protect our most precious natural resources — and that is why it’s up to us, the American people, to hold them accountable,” pontificated Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune. “We will fight this and every other attempt by polluters and the Trump administration to destroy our water resources.”

Supporters, however, praised the news. Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) said, “Today marks the beginning of restoring private property rights while protecting our environment. Out-of-state DC bureaucrats shouldn’t impose regulations that hurt Montana farmers, ranchers and landowners.” The EPA plans to publish the new regulation proposals within days. Finally, a government agency is concerned primarily about preserving Americans’ rights, not simply engaging in its own acquisition of power.


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  1. Angus Rangus June 30, 2017 at 8:03 AM -  Reply

    Florida GOV Rick Scott called Legislature back into 3 day special session by vetoing state budget / education / etc. bills…

    … to add $50 million in ‘state funds’ to get our 100% Federal Lake Okeechobee Herbert Hoover Dike Repair and Restoration started again…

    … shut down in 2009 by Commie BARAMA declaring ACE #1 2007 water project of $850 million as “not shovel ready” — as 3 contractors were working on first 23 miles of the 143 mile project’s “reach 1”

    HOW many thangs gotta be unplugged …
    … and that piece of crap commie bastard has not served a day in jail – let alone the firing squad he deserved in year one??

  2. Old Jim June 30, 2017 at 8:12 AM -  Reply

    YEP… as JFK’s speechwriter would pen…

    … we are past time to have our states usurp all the exclusive rights usurped from them by our Federal GOVT the past 50 years of ‘grande societie’??

    People laff it off when I suggest our state of Florida’s 50% on those Fed-state 50-50 partnerships is costing us more than doing them 100%.

    Consider the original CERP 2000 – Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program …
    … was 68 major projects estimated at $12 BN for its two decade life..
    … defunded to just $50 million last year of Commie BARAMA – that would make it 160 years IF interest isn’t anticipated…
    … CERP 2000’s mandatory ‘5 year’ re-estimated is now over $17 BN…

    ACE alleges that Lake O has already spent more than the $850 Million signed by GW Bush in 2007… and they thunk another $850 Million will be needed to finish a scaled back project – now claiming that lake was ‘never meant to hold water’??

    People forget history… Feds built the IntraCoastal Waterway from Maine to the Georgia/Florida line…
    … then decided that last coastal stretch south was really a ‘state’ obligation for Florida to handle locally!!

    … Montana can just as well charge user fees to operate Yellowstone in compact with Wyoming…
    … and having the FEDS ruin it all by shuttering the next time they can’t perform their Federal Budget Appropriations Bills??

  3. uniwersity of barsoom at helium visitor center guide June 30, 2017 at 8:19 AM -  Reply

    Dick Nixon…

    … Clean Air act / Clean Water act / EPA / OSHA / Superfund / ERISA / etc….

    … actually got thangs ‘clean’ by simple fact our Planet is perfectly capable of getting very clean – IF you just stop throwing garbage everywhere!!

    TODAY… despite the DC To Boston Commie Media FAUX GNU’s otherwise…

    … our water is cleaner each new day than yesterday…
    … our air more pure today than last week…
    … fish remain in those steams / rivers / lakes / oceans the EnviroNazi’s claimed would be gone by 2012…

    DO we have any ‘states’ that are not competent enuff to do the same multi-state compacts that actually solve most of our problems anyway…
    … when it crosses their border with other states??

    SHUTTER ALL THOSE FED DEPTS having no authority for their existence … save a politicized SCOTUS with crook Trial Lawyers becoming Legislative Judges!!

  4. suacuacuon July 27, 2017 at 4:18 AM -  Reply

    Thank you for the good deed of the Obama regulations and return to the 2008 standards. The second step is to create new regulations designed to safeguard American property rights. As well as protecting business and environmental benefits. “We are taking important steps to revitalize the states and create legal certainty for farmers and businesses in the country,” said EPA managing director Scott Pruitt. ” He continued, “This is the first step in a two-step process to redefine the United States, and we are committed to conducting a reassessment to quickly provide legal assurances in a transparent manner. , Transparency and cooperation with other agencies and the public. “

  5. Boss July 27, 2017 at 5:53 AM -  Reply

    Thank you for your input on this important action in our federal government. Overreach at the federal level designed to control aspects of individual and states’ rights, must be eradicated!
    I totally agree with your analysis and opinion!

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