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Chief Justice Roberts: ‘Partisan hostility’ a ‘real danger’ to Supreme Court

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And he told attendees at a discussion being held at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute the following:

  • “…the partisan battle over nominees to the high court that both Democratic and Republican presidents have nominated in the past 14 months to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia poses a “real danger” for the integrity of the highest court.”
  • “It is a real danger that the partisan hostility that people see in the political branches will affect the nonpartisan activity of the judicial branch.”

This, from the Chief Justice who unarguably saddled our nation with Obamacare by “legislating from the bench” in regards to the individual mandate, by calling it a “tax”.

What integrity Justice Roberts?  Did anybody attending the discussion ask him this one?


Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on Tuesday warned that the partisan battle over nominees to the high court that both Democratic and Republican presidents have nominated in the past 14 months to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia poses a “real danger” for the integrity of the highest court.

While Roberts told those attending a discussion at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute that the eight-person court has “been quietly going about its business of deciding cases … for the past 14 months with one vacancy,” most of Washington experienced a political frenzy during both nomination processes.

“It is a real danger that the partisan hostility that people see in the political branches will affect the nonpartisan activity of the judicial branch. It is very difficult, I think, for a member of the public to look at what goes on in confirmation hearings these days, which is a very sharp conflict in political terms between Democrats and Republicans, and not think that the person who comes out of that process must similarly share that partisan view of public issues and public life,” Roberts said.

When former President Barack Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland last spring, Senate Republicans — who controlled the upper chamber — said they would not hold hearings for the judge because it was an election year. This year, following President Trump’s selection of Judge Neil Gorsuch, Senate Democrats said they would do as the Republicans had done a year earlier and block the pick. Ultimately, Republicans used the “nuclear option” to push Gorsuch past the Democrats’ filibuster and lower the vote threshold needed for approval to 51 votes instead of 60. Gorsuch was confirmed 54-45.

However, the drama surrounding both nominations further politicized the process. Roberts remained adamant that Gorsuch, though appointed by a conservative president, knows his true identity as a justice, not a partisan.

“The new justice is not a Republican, not a Democrat, he is a member of the Supreme Court,” Roberts said, according to a report. “But it is hard for people to understand that when they see the process that leads up to it.”


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  1. Old Jim April 12, 2017 at 8:27 AM -  Reply

    Call me a cynic…

    … but 6 Catholics and 3 Jews…

    … can’t make me believe SCOTUS is not a handpicked bastion of Liberal Politics…
    … ie, let’s make a deal type compromise of basic founding documents!

    Let’s be fair…
    …certainly there are Catholics and Jews that might be Originalist / Libertarian / Conservative / TEA Party / Moderate Centrist views…
    … now consider these generally more liberal religious groupings in America graduated from Columbia / Harvard / Yale LAW Schools…??

    … I’m guessing Heritage might score our current SCOTUS:

    3 Jews = = = 6% – damn near Communists every one?? {go ahead and review the entire list of SCOTUS Justices of this historically significant religion – every one tainted by liberalism beyond belief!!}

    6 Catholics = 10% to perhaps a high of 50%?

    IF we had honest people of integrity who actually read the US Constitution as our Founders took a decade to write the amazing document…

    … it might not matter what their religious group bias has certainly become in the past 50 years of America’s “GREAT SOCIETY WELFARE STATE”??

    I’m guessing Neil Gorsuch will not ask aloud… WHY are we not shuttering 3/4 of all Federal Depts as being outside the scope of our Republic’s founding / governing documents… as any average intellect high school senior would do??

  2. Angus Rangus April 12, 2017 at 8:35 AM -  Reply

    Florida’s House Speaker spent an hour on TV yesterday… being “interviewed” by yet another quite visible ‘liberale’…

    H/S Richard Corcoran shared a depth of honest GOVT so insightful I wrote him a thank you note!!

    The best was his referring to our Legislature reviewing various GOVT depts…

    … Mr. Corcoran compared it to turning on the lights at 3 AM in most houses in Florida – to discover yes, indeed we all have roaches that need exterminating!!

    He explained they have not yet reviewed ANY GOVT at any level that does not have more than its share of ROACHES!! And he lamented every one of these GOVT units are going back to voters wanting more money to spend… rather than exterminate their ROACHES!!

    It certainly added value to his thoughtful explanation of WHY the House does not want to put up any more money to “bring jobs to Florida”… when the presenters cannot hint our unemployment rate might be lower IF they get all that money to lure companies here. He hit it out of the park simply stating that money is shared with pals of those running the show.

    Today… we need H/S Richard Corcoran reviewing the USPS property management scam… he might clean out a few ROACHES… including the spouse of one corrupt Left Coastie Commie by the Bay!

  3. Angus Rangus April 12, 2017 at 8:37 AM -  Reply

    Of course only 32 of us saw Richard Corcoran…
    … FCC mandates every broadcaster do something ‘special’…
    … in PBS case our channel 42-3 is our Florida Channel!

    YEP… no matter the call… if its PBS… it be Commie Liberal to the hilt!!

    My viewing was most obviously seeking something else nearby… like Laramie or Death Valley Days??

  4. Angus Rangus April 13, 2017 at 7:25 AM -  Reply


    Why doesn’t our CHIEF JUSTICE…
    … do his duty… by calling out…

    … the actual PARTISAN HOSTILITY of the 3 Commie Ladies and one Old Commie Coot…

    … who show that PARTISAN HOSTILITY to the actual Founders words EVERY time they rule on the litmus issues of their DNC = = DemonKKKrat Natinale Commies!!


    Here is Florida, we finally sent to GOV Rick Scott a simple bill explaining that THE STATE must prove a person was not using self-defense stand your ground as the simple DEFENSE to prosecution!


    Guess what the vote on this most obvious statutory language clarification became??

    The ‘tent of many colours’ DNC voted party line NAY!! House & Senate!!

    Guess WHO is most impacted proving they were not self=defending?? Minorities are the super majority of all such defendants being prosecuted in Florida!!


    Guess WHO just got arrested in Mexico for the 2010 murder of our Border Patrol Officer in the “Fast & Furious” gun scam of our FBI, et al?? Took a new AG to finally take modest action? NOW… will a whole lot of crooked DNC FBI THUGS also go to jail??

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