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California’s Gavin Newsom: Impeach Trump!

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In my humble opinion, there has been only one good Governor in the state of California, one good politician ever to make it onto the national stage and become our nation’s 40th President…Ronald Reagan!  Who else?

Where was “Dazed-and-Confused” Newsom when Ex-President Obama was wreaking unconstitutional havoc on and in our country over the past eight years?  This is the guy California might put through as Governor?

Same old stuff folks…Free this and that on the taxpayers’ backs, disingenuous doomsday rhetoric to get what he wants for him and his party, and ultimately, continued frustration for Californians!

California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, the leading candidate to replace Governor Jerry Brown after the 2018 elections, has declared that he wants Congress to impeach President Donald Trump.

“He does believe it is time to pursue impeachment,” said Newsom’s spokesman, Dan Newman, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

“He thinks that while impeachment should never be casually invoked as a political tactic, President Trump’s actions are so egregious and his rhetoric is so deceitful that we should begin the process to obtain the facts and the truth.”

Newsom appears to be the first of California’s gubernatorial candidates to urge Congress to impeach the president, though Democrat mega-donor Tom Steyer called for Trump’s impeachment last weekend.

Former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who is running a close second behind Newsom in the latest polls, has been somewhat more cautious about the prospects of impeaching Trump.

In an interview with the Sacramento Bee last month, Villaraigosa said: “If the facts are as reported, yes, the president should and will be impeached if he doesn’t resign first.”

According to the Mercury News, a spokesperson for Villaraigosa further qualified that statement: “But the Mayor also believes we must allow the Special Prosecutor [sic] to do his job and finish his investigation, as well as let the Senate Judiciary Committee continue to gather evidence.”

Similarly, Villaraigosa is staking out a more moderate stance than Newsom on other issues, stating last month that while he favors universal healthcare, he was not convinced the state could afford it. “Let’s not sell snake oil,” he told Southern California public radio station KPCC, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Newsom, by contrast, favors a single-payer system.


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  1. uniwersity of barsoom at helium master balloonist inspector June 15, 2017 at 7:27 AM -  Reply

    We saw the total integrity of the DNC on display during Wild Bill’s impeachment fiasco…
    … he was simply guilty as charged…
    … and the DNC refused to do the honorable thang!!

    We could list daily the ILLEGAL USURPATIONS of Commie BARAMA for 8 long years…
    … the DNC used the FBI, et al to assure no justice was allowed…!!

    NOW… we got the same Commie Voices … from the most abjectly failed bankrupted state ever Commified… demanding the Commie Revolution.

    WORKING… how many GOP they going after this time?? With Billary it was stealing the GOP IRS files… recall the BARAMA IRS Director ‘visited’ that same White House every two weeks – went with full briefcase – left with an empty!!

    THEY got Donald Trump’s tax returns for past 20 years… and ordered annual audits to assure active working files for Gavin, et al – – –
    — with strings continued from Commie BARAMA DC Manse with live-in Valerie Jarrett!!

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