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California Officials Criticize ‘Stupid’ Federal Drug Crackdown

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Just another story about that place south of Oregon and west of Nevada folks!  You know, the one that is trying to form its own country?

Okay!  Just consider these three things to help you really read between the political rhetoric from the liberals in that crazy place.

  • California has long worked on reducing prison sentences for just about all criminals in order to save money, money that the state can redirect to all of its countless freebie programs, not save for its tax-paying citizens.
  • The recreational use of marijuana is now legal in California following the passage of Proposition 64 last year.
  • California has pretty much declared itself a “sanctuary state”, protecting illegal aliens in our country for prosecution and deportation.

Now just as the “Czar of Illegal Alien Protection”, State Attorney General Xavier Becerra, said… “I can’t stop them from being stupid”, I will say the same for the politicos in that place south of Oregon and west of Nevada!

Any questions?


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California’s attorney general and state lawmakers again moved Monday in the opposite direction from the Trump administration, this time on penalties for criminals.

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra termed U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ blanket call for harsher penalties for criminals “crazy” and “stupid,” while state senators voted to roll back penalties for drug offenders.

Sessions said Friday that federal prosecutors should file the toughest charges possible against most crime suspects.

The California critics said that is a throwback to what they called a failed war on drugs. They argued that the policy unfairly targets minorities for incarceration.

The state Senate approved ending an added three-year prison sentence for repeat drug offenders, sending the bill to the Assembly.

The three-year enhancement is a relic of “archaic, racist laws,” said Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, pointing out that it resulted in minorities being imprisoned for possession of even minimal quantities of illegal drugs.

Sen. Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, who is black, said that when she envisions those caught up in the war on drugs, “I see struggling Californians, many of whom look like me.”

Her SB180 would still allow offenders to serve the underlying prison or jail sentence. Supporters argued there is little evidence the enhancements deterred crime, and said violent offenders could still get longer sentences based on other factors.

“This bill seeks to treat career traffickers in the same exact way that an individual is treated for their first offense,” countered Sen. Jeff Stone, a Temecula Republican.

The bill was approved on a 22-13 vote.

Senators also approved SB439, which could keep children 11 and younger out of juvenile courts. Counties could instead detain and treat the youngest juvenile offenders though their child services systems.

“Youth under 12 are inherently less culpable,” argued Mitchell, who carried both bills with Lara. “They need our help, they need resources.”

Stone argued that the measure gives children “a free pass until they reach a certain age to commit any crime that they wish.”

That measure was sent to the Assembly on a 23-13 vote.

Becerra separately addressed Sessions’ order to the nation’s federal prosecutors while speaking at the Sacramento Press Club. Sessions was a federal prosecutor during the crack cocaine epidemic. He has promised to make fighting violence and drugs the U.S. Justice Department’s top priority.

“It’s like not learning from history,” said Becerra, arguing that the policy will fill federal prisons and disproportionately target minorities.

“I think it’s crazy. I don’t understand it,” Becerra said. “To the degree that we have anything to do with it we’ll try to make sure California is insulated from that type of activity, but … I can’t stop them from being stupid.”


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  1. Angus Rangus May 17, 2017 at 7:29 AM -  Reply

    REAL ID 2005 … not yet bothered to consider…

    NMVTS 1992 … piddled to 2009 to even provide cursory data…

    Immigration Reform of 1996… LOL

    Do we need to laugh at the insanity of Kaleefornya wanting to secede??

    From WHAT?? THEY are not a dues paying member of our Republic for the past 40 years?

    “This product might cause cancer in Kaleefornya… better get QUEER now??”

  2. Old Jim May 17, 2017 at 7:36 AM -  Reply

    Florida updated our “Education 20″…
    … modernizing our Pre-K thru Doctoral education…
    … STEM / Vo-Tech / Colleges vs Universities…
    … restating took two bills over 270 pages each – including the stuff hashed out as deleted.

    … any college or university found not in compliance with Title IX Gender Equity…
    … has all state education funds withheld – until FIXED!!

    NOW… how can President TRUMP look into any camera 4 months later…
    … without ordering all Fed Funds withheld to Kaleefornya along with most of the East Coast and Left Coast – for giving the BIRD to our Republic’s US Constitution for decades of ILLEGAL ALIENS / drugs / violating Heller 2008 & McDonald 2010 / REAL ID / etc.??

    STOP PRETENDING… to even hear that ‘flexibility for states’ mantra… that openly violated equal protection!!

    START by shuttering those 75% of Federal spending on “specific citizen welfare” that only those “STATES” have the sovereign right to do…
    … even if that means IMPEACHING Chief Justice John Roberts for ignoring the clear reading on BARAMAcare, et al!!

  3. uniwersity of barssom at helium adjunk professor of interstellar magnets May 17, 2017 at 7:38 AM -  Reply


    … what Federal Laws you don’t intend to honor…

    … so we can LIST what Federal Funds you are immediately denied as a ‘state’ compelled to do so??

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