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Bank of America paid Clintons speaking fees, too – more than $1M worth

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Okay!  Isn’t it about time everybody in America ask the question, “What the hell is going on?”

Here you have criminal Hillbilly Hillary and her husband, criminal Teflon Bill, raking in the dough on little speeches to the big banks, but yet she is telling all the voters that she is going to rip them a new butt if she somehow is not charged and prosecuted and makes it into the White House!

What the hell is going on?  Are big banks, and any other large corporation, company, or wealthy individual, just plain dumb or do they honestly believe that by hedging their bets through these lavish payments, Hillbilly Hillary “will have their backs”?

Rich philanthropists are a different story in this mess folks!  They believe that because they can afford to give away millions and billions of their money, everybody else should, and must, redistribute their hard-earned money also!  They are a lost cause to what America is all about!

But something is going on…some kind of collusion with the money in the country and liberals!  Whatever it is, it stinks and you can bet we don’t need it or want it!

Bottom line – We, The People, really don’t know what the hell is going on and probably never will!  It is top secret….and Hillbilly Hillary controls all classified information/data in our country!  Just ask The King!


Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to Goldman Sachs Group have drawn criticism on the campaign trail, but they’re not the only talks she’s given to big banks.

Bank of America has also paid the Democratic presidential candidate and her husband more than $1 million combined to deliver talks to the Charlotte-based bank and its Merrill Lynch unit.

The Clintons collected the combined figure from Bank of America over four appearances from 2011 to 2014, according to financial disclosures posted by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. Former President Bill Clinton was the speaker on three of those occasions, once taking in $500,000 for a 2014 gathering in London.

The large fees raise concerns about potential conflicts of interest and are likely to remain a hot topic on the campaign trail, said Eric Heberlig, a political science professor at UNC Charlotte.

“Taking fees like this, particularly from banks that have been bailed out by the taxpayers, it’s certainly hard to argue to the public that you’re not acting in a self-serving way,” Heberlig said.

Clinton’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment, but the former secretary of state has said she favors tough regulation of Wall Street.

All of the Bank of America talks were given at private events the bank occasionally holds for clients or the company’s senior executives, the bank told the Observer. Bank of America said it’s not unusual for it to pay former elected or appointed officials from the U.S. and elsewhere to speak on key national and global issues at such gatherings.

Bank of America declined to disclose specifics on the exact nature of the Clintons’ appearances, for which the bank paid about $1.1 million.

Hillary Clinton has said the Wall Street money has no influence on how she would regulate the industry.

At the Miami debate, Clinton responded to Sanders’ criticism of her banking connections by reiterating that she will have “the toughest, most comprehensive plan to go after Wall Street.”

For their Goldman speeches, the Clintons have received more than $2 million combined. But the pair has also given talks to other banks, including Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and UBS.


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