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America’s Growing ‘Gun Gap’

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So we outnumber them!

Now here’s another good question…Do we outnumber them even more when it comes to total number of guns and ammunition by individual owners?  I would be willing to bet that the 30 percent difference jumps to say, 60 percent, or more than double.  Hmmm….What does it all mean?

For those of you who are more visual than textual when grasping things, take a look at the chart in the story…Kaboom!

Just goes to show…America is indeed still great, and getting greater, in some instances!


A new study out of the University of Kansas confirms what many have anecdotally known — a majority of gun owners vote Republican. What may be news, however, is the growing “gun gap.” That term is a reference to the disparity in the percentage of gun owners who identify with either Democrat or Republican parties. The study found that while the percentage of gun owners who vote Republican since 1973 has remained relatively constant, the number of gun owners voting Democrat has dropped significantly.

Over the last three presidential elections the gap has grown, with the highest disparity seen in 2012 — a 30 percentage-point difference. And for three consecutive presidential elections the Republican candidate has seen the percentage of gun owner votes garnered steadily increase, with 62% of gun owners voting for Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, gun ownership among Democrats and Independents has been steadily dropping, primarily due to leftists’ campaign to negatively stigmatize gun ownership, as well as their outright demonization of those, such as the NRA, who fight to protect Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

However, as lawlessness and crime increase, especially in large Democrat-run urban poverty plantations, more individuals will appreciate the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in recognizing the right of every citizen to have the power to arm and protect themselves against threats, whether it be from criminals or tyrants. In fact, firearms instructors around the country are reporting an increase in the number of black women seeking firearms training for self-defense. That notwithstanding, so long as Democrats continue to fight against Second Amendment rights, one can expect to see the gun gap only increase.


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  1. Angus Rangus May 11, 2017 at 7:14 AM -  Reply

    So-o-o-o… perhaps time to revisit the ‘gun estimate’ our anti-gun ‘research edumukators’ do on guns in America??

    In 1970 “THEY” estimated 300 – 500 million guns in US homes…

    … after 10-25 million a year for 45 years later…

    … “THEY” now estimate “around 300 million guns” being clinged to by whackjob bible-thumpers ??

    HOW TO LIE WITH STATISTICS… one of the memorable soft back texts we enjoyed in our class of ’73 Pepperdine MBA program!!

    Tanx a BILLION … or more??

  2. Old Jim May 11, 2017 at 7:20 AM -  Reply

    NO, we don’t tell friends of our grandsons to ask to go with us to shooting center…
    … THAT is one of those thangs their parents have to do for them.

    Consider in Palm Beach County, indeed the liberals are slowing the NEW Shooting Center … jointly sponsored by them with NRA and FL FWC…
    … the sixth such statewide endeavor!

    Got ANY rabid progressive liberal ‘friends’ left…
    … tell them how USPS and Fed Ex leaves a 1,000 round box of ammo on the front stoop without knocking… as vendor ships ‘no sig required’.


    Perfect gift for everyone instead of another plastic gift card?? Just make sure you got the right caliber… and use your SG discounts!

  3. unwersity of barsoom at helium adjunct professor emeritus May 11, 2017 at 7:40 AM -  Reply

    HELLER 2008

    McDONALD 2010

    We still got over a dozen states totally violated the clarity SCOTUS rendered??

    Here in Florida we were hoping to joint that other dozen states …
    … who read it simply as delete all state laws denying ANY citizen passing Federal background checks of carrying a firearm any DAMN way they please??

    What did we get… RINO Senator Anitere Flores – Miami-Dade Cty… on Judiciary and our Senate President ProTEMPORE :

    SB 140 — Openly Carrying a Handgun
    SB 142 — Safe Storage of Loaded Firearm
    SB 170 — Prohibited Places for Weapons & Firearms
    SB 254 — Gun Safety
    SB 610 — Firearms
    SB 618 — Concealed Weapons / Firearms
    SB 620 — ” ” ”
    SB 622 — ” ” ”
    SB 626 — ” ” ”
    SB 640 — ” ” ”
    SB 644 — Openly Carrying a Handgun
    SB 646 — Weapons / Firearms
    SB 648 — Weapons & Firearms
    SB 908 — Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons / Firearms
    SB 912 — Exceptions to Requirements for Purchase/Sale of Firearms

    Additionally SB 616 — Concealed Weapons / Firearms = DIED ON CALENDAR – held too long for House to consider during 63 day Session!!

    OK, NRA might brag Florida ‘passed’ THREE 2nd Amendment related ‘gun rights’ bills…
    … BUT in reality the same TRIAL LAWYERS mucking up the DC Money Laundry…
    … are preventing our state of Florida from embracing SCOTUS “clarity”.

    Of course … we ONLY have 1.8 million Concealed Weapon Licensees … 10% of all adults be packing… THAT is why you are safe to enjoy Disney!!

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