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America First: 83% say ‘Buy American’

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It would be great to buy American for a change!  I get tired of walking into a store to purchase something, any type of clothing for example, and while looking at the label, all I ever see is “Made in China”, or India, or Indonesia, or Mexico, and even Vietnam…most countries in the world, except the United States!

And the quality of the products?  I don’t even believe that “quality” has anything to do with manufacturing anymore!  I’m convinced that business schools tossed it out of their lexicon decades ago!

So let’s hope that when The Don gets the job done and brings some manufacturing back home, we see big, bright, red-white-and-blue labels on everything, and that whatever it is we buy, it lasts for a while…and by the way, does what the company says it will do.


Picking up on President Trump’s “America First” Inauguration theme, more and more Americans now believe they should “buy American,” and they want the administration to do more to help American firms at home.

The latest Rasmussen Reports poll found that 83 percent believe they should buy American. And 38 percent said buying in the U.S. is “very important.”

However, a majority, 52 percent, think the government is a weak partner with American businesses.

Rasmussen said, “52 percent of Americans don’t think the government does enough to protect U.S. manufacturers and businesses from foreign competition. Just 11 percent think the government does too much to protect American businesses, while 24 percent think the level of government protection is about right.”

Other key findings:

— 63% of Republicans say the government is not doing enough to protect domestic manufacturers and businesses, compared to 45% of Democrats.

— The more importance one attaches to buying American, the more likely they are to think the government’s not doing enough to protect domestic businesses and manufacturers.

— By a 73% to 16% margin, Americans believe it is more important to keep manufacturing jobs in the United States than it is to keep prices low for U.S. consumers.

— Voters think Trump will do better than former President Obama when it comes to protecting U.S. jobs and creating new ones.


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  1. Angus Rangus January 27, 2017 at 8:04 AM -  Reply

    How much does it cost for APPLE to make that stuff in CHINA??
    Is $100 including the $80 in royalties traded on other electronic components to Japanese / US electronic components anyway??

    How about a the base model made in jackson, TN at $350… waterproof, carbon fiber case, Gorilla Max glass OLED screen… lifetime warranty / 10 year useful life??

    How many Americans are duped into paying $40 a month for a phone every year… the most wasteful / bogus / swarmy business model — EVER !!?? @#$%&@$$… afraid to say any thang whilst bowing at the throne of APPLE??

  2. Old Jim January 27, 2017 at 8:15 AM -  Reply


    … “made in America”…

    Does that include Lever Brothers products “made in America” across their plants in rural North Carolina…
    … built to exploit poor farmers’ / wives / kids with no other options…
    … NOW coyote driven Mexicans brought in to exploit that even cheaper labor?
    … taking over the homes the DNC Plantation Folk left to move to Metro Ghettos??

    Or are we talking “made in America” in the strip industrial parks stetching from Gary, Indiana past the Wisconsin line ??

    … 20 years ago I toured Labor World’s “company-owned” temp outlets. Mexican women with no grasp of Engleesh sat at tables, stuffing Chinese costume jewelry in various pre-priced display bags:
    … $1.99 WalMart … $2.99 Claire’s Stores… $4.99 Macy’s…
    … exactly the same junk from the same Chinese big boxes… “value created” by the 2 cent plastic bag!!

    MADE BY AMERICANS should be our GOAL!!

    Mercedes / BMW / VW / Hyundai / Bosch / Maytag / Black & Decker … made in America and MADE BY AMERICANS!!

  3. Old Jim January 27, 2017 at 8:32 AM -  Reply

    Those “Chicago” Labor World outlets paid 100,000 ‘temp laborers’ daily.
    Sure, some joked ‘rent a wino’… BUT closer examine heard a tune that disturbed far more…
    … older managers lamented the ‘changes’ during early 90’s – from 90% Blacks / 10% “other” Ethnic origin… to 90% Illegal Alien Mexican / 10% “other”!!

    You like your Kraft “made in America” Cheese… their 3rd party vendor used a Labor World sub-office for 100% of their ‘labour’… they got 6 months to decide on converting from “temp” to permanency and union membership!! {90% Illegal Alien Mexican / 10% “other”…}

    Company ‘franchise locations’… the owner’s son / friends… reported US Dept of Labor ‘audits’ meant they caught Illegal Alien Mexicans using fake SS #’s … with a dozen using same number at times!! Solution… they reappear with new fake papers a month later … ready to create more “made in America” !!

    Mr. President TRUMP… will it take an Executive Memorandum acknowledging this ILLEGAL EMPLOYER crapola scam that everyone in the room knows is the Big Elephant…
    … can we start with TRUMP Florida properties claiming their 1,100 H-2 foreign workers are simply “Americans don’t want the top of the line country club waitstaff jobs” … whilst PGA National remains that pinnacle for Palm Beach waitstaffers??

    Can our 34 GOP Governors issue their own memo… dear every Insurance Company Work Comp Payroll Auditor… who knowingly are refused access to I-9 verification to assure only American Citizens are documented there??


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