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43% of illegals skip deportation hearings, 918,098 in 20 years

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After reading this story, click on the link in the story below to read the full report by the Center for Immigration Studies.  In it, you will see this statement by ex-President back during his campaign in 2008:

In approaching immigration reform, I believe that we must enact tough, practical reforms. “… We need stronger enforcement on the border and at the workplace. … But for reform to work, we also must respond to what pulls people to America. … The time to fix our broken immigration system is now.”

Boy did he ever change his mind quickly after waltzing into the White House!  I guess he saw the potential for more liberal votes, from citizens and non-citizens, maybe a few coming out of cemeteries too?


Illegal immigrants skipping deportation hearings surged in the second term of President Obama’s administration, pushing the 20-year average to 46,000 a year, according to a new analysis.

The figures indicate that 43 percent failed to appear at scheduled hearings in 2015, up from the 20-year average of 37 percent during which 918,098 were no-shows.

A Center for Immigration Studies found that over those 20 years, 338 illegals who failed to appear arrived from nations that sponsor terrorism.

The bulk of those who fail to appear are ordered deported, though the sheer numbers of no-shows has swamped federal immigration police, said the report.

In fact, since 2002 the list of illegals ordered removed has reached historic levels, but it is such a big job that “unexecuted removal orders” total 953,506. CIS said “an average of 25,107 unexecuted orders of removal were added each year through 2015.”

The 20-year numbers analyzed by CIS are stunning. From its new report titled Courting Disaster:

Over the last 20 years, 37 percent of all aliens free pending trial failed to appear for their hearings. From the 2,498,375 foreign nationals outside detention during their court proceedings, 1,219,959 were ordered removed, 75 percent of them, 918,098, for failing to appear.

That 918,098 is larger than the population of San Francisco, and twice the population of Atlanta.

Chronic absconding from immigration courts continued unabated. Most telling of all, the number of illegal aliens present in the United States at the end of Barack Obama’s second term — 11 million — is the same as it was in 2005 when George W. Bush began his second term. This is not how we define progress,” wrote report author Mark H. Metcalf, a former judge on the immigration court in Miami, Fla.

“Stasis and failure are not new norms in American immigration, but merely old ones starting a new decade. Courting disaster is not an accident but, instead, a policy disconnected from rule of law and common sense that counts dysfunction as success and disorder as the price of progress, even at the loss of American jobs and the cost of American lives,” he added in the report seen here.


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  1. Old Jim April 2, 2017 at 8:15 AM -  Reply

    Commie LIAR??

    This former State Senator voted ‘present’ …
    … unless some one paid for his “yea” or “nay”!

    He voted to withhold medical care from late term aborted babies who survived such butchery!

    He voted to eliminate legal sale of ‘AMMO’… short the votes to stop firearms sales!

    Illunoise has been the ILLEGAL ALIEN sanctuary for decades!! My business trips there two decades ago saw the conclusions reported by our Temp Labor Dispatch Managers…
    … what used to be a 90% Black / 10% White proportionate mix of drunks/winos/drugheads…
    … had become 90% ILLEGAL ALIEN {Mexican mostly” / 10% Black& White !!

    All the way from Gary to the Wisconsin line… strip ‘industrial malls’ were filled with cheap ILLEGAL ALIEN ‘cash workers’…
    … EVERY Temp Labor Dispactch Center — 100,000 workers a day — had a ‘check cashing store’ adjacent… and our Manager wrote them one check each nite to recover worker cash payments – to “save bank processing fees”!!

    Labor Dept audits… so few and far between … you just ‘tolerate’ losing half your Illegal Aliens ‘sharing’ a SS with dead people… AND they reappear in a month with ‘GNU Papers’!!

    All that crapola about how ‘they’ pay payroll taxes?? Commie Propaganda!!

    Commie BARAMA gave specific orders NOT to enforce Federal Laws… just as he violated other Federal Laws to ‘wealth redistribute’ in his SpendULust…
    … shutting down Florida Fed / state water projects…
    … building out turning lanes on rural roads in Kaleefornya no one needed or uses {each got a fancy sign bearing his name as proudly as Lenin or Stalin would do!!}

    Valerie Jarret lived IN the White House … she now lives in the former President’s ‘home’ taxpayers remodeled for $$millions!!

  2. Angus Rangus April 2, 2017 at 8:25 AM -  Reply


    So-o-o-o, if that 920,000 Criminal ILLEGAL ALIEN number is just 43% of the total CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS…
    … we actually had 2,140,000 CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS in contact with LEO the past 20 years?

    OR… for that mythical 11 million propagandized the same 20 years… we have a 19.4% Criminal ratio for ILLEGAL ALIENS invading America…

    … where our own citizens 2 million in prison is but .66% of our population??

    … 27 times the CRIMINAL ratio of our nation being invaded??

    Is that a horse of a different colour entirely??

    How about a perfectly legal Presidential Executive Order…
    … mandating actual enforcement of Federal Immigration / Employment / Drug laws…
    … by ALL LEO across our nation??

    Announce the simply 90 day ZERO Tolerance…
    … those voluntarily leaving can get across the porous border as easily as they do now when vacationing / weddings / funerals / business deals back in their home nation!

    IF we get your biometric data… those listed SHALL never be allowed re-entry for any reason??

  3. uniwersity of barsoom at helium grad April 2, 2017 at 8:29 AM -  Reply

    … President of Mexico??

    This is President TRUMP of the USA…
    … that nation north of your narco-state…
    … you dumped 15% of your narco-state’s least desirables that couldn’t cut the mustard in your narco-state…
    … and brought therr CRIMINAL narco-state mentality to ours??


    … or we shall invade your lousy nation — AGAIN — to clean it up one more time !!

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