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Should "Hillbilly" Hillary Clinton be charged and prosecuted for her crimes before she is allowed to win the Party Primary Election?

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Fool of the Week

Democratic Party for fielding the worst Presidential candidates in U.S. history!
Democratic Party for fielding the worst presidential candidates in U.S. history!

This Day In History

  • 92nd US Golf Amateur Championship won by Justin Leonard - 30th August 1992
  • Largest US Tennis Open single session (total) 23,618 - 30th August 1994
  • Dottie Mochrie wins LPGA Sun-Times Golf Challenge - 30th August 1992
  • Gund Arena in Cleveland opens - 30th August 1994
  • David Lewett and Jane Luu discovers comet: "1992 QB1" 64 mil km from Sun - 30th August 1992
  • 150,000,000 millionth visitor to Eiffel Tower - 30th August 1993
  • Tamil Tigers capture Sri Lanka Poet Selvi - 30th August 1991
  • Cable News Network joins internet - 30th August 1995

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